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    First Recipe...Opinions?

    Hi, I'm pretty new at creating recipes but I've been doing an unholy amount of reading on here and am excited to try a recipe that I have put together. It's an IPA.... The only thing is, I really don't know if it will be any good. It is an extract recipe... WLP 001 1 lb. Crystal 60L .5 lb...
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    Will this be a dunkelweizen?

    I tried to copy BigKahuna's Bananas on the Beach recipe but my LHBS didn't have American Crystal 120 or WYeast 3068. They recommended CaraAroma as a sub for the American Crystal and WLP 300 instead of 3068. So here is my total ingredient list 1 lb CaraAroma .25 lb Special B 6.4 lbs...
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    Racking and Dryhopping Questions

    I searched for this and couldn't find definitive answers for them... I am currently brewing an IPA and am planning on racking it to a secondary container once fermentation finishes. I want to dry-hop the beer and here is my dilemma: I only want to dry-hop for a week or so, but I want to keep it...