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  1. BoA1967

    Brewtarget 2.0 Update

  2. BoA1967

    Brewtarget 2.0 Update

    Nice update,... i'm having some troubles when adding ingrediens. When I click on a ingrediens i would like to add, from the misc database, it adds the wrong one,... what am I doing wrong?? I'm running it on Linux Mint 14. Best regards.
  3. BoA1967

    green ring in carboy?

    Perfectly normal,... It's a ring of krausen, i belive!
  4. BoA1967

    Grain percentages for grain bill?

    Click the "switch grainmode" on the right side of the window. Then it's possible to use weight-input. Happy brewing!!
  5. BoA1967

    One grain, one hope beer idea--feedback please

    Not odd at all,.. Know as SMaSH beer. Single malt, and Single hop! Go for it,...
  6. BoA1967

    Feedback on Recipe: Session IPA

  7. BoA1967

    Alcohol and Tobacco

    Homebrew and handrolled cigarets,... That my Mix!
  8. BoA1967

    NOOB trying Amber Ale

    I'll think I need to more simple,... just want to try everything in one try, though it is impossible! As "terrapinj" is pointing at, my pointer was a Irish Red Ale, but I think it took a turn. Thx for the feedback, and think about "more is less"
  9. BoA1967

    NOOB trying Amber Ale

    That's why I made my first thread,... Thanks, mate Roasted Barley is over the top, and no Dark DME, but double the Light DME. Removing the Amber Malt would save me a trip to the shop, so no argument here!! Thanks again!
  10. BoA1967

    NOOB trying Amber Ale

    I'm new to Partial-Mash, and 4 beer kit brews old. (3 beer kits, with steeping grains, and 1 extract/steeping/boiling hops) I've been reading, searching and studying brewing alot, for 3 months, and now i'm getting ready to brew try a partial mash, with a mini-mash tun (2 UK gallons) Heres...