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    Kolsch Wyeast 2565 Help

    To anyone that has used this yeast I need some help. I pitched this yeast this Saturday and have had no activity. I had my beer Refrigerator at 62 degrees and I did not pitch the yeast in to warm of wort. Wyest 2656 was a smack pack, I smacked it and waited 3 hours before pitching...
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    Excessive Foam during Fermintation

    I have brewed a Belgian Ale it included 3/4 lb belgian candy sugar. Now, the fermintation process I have excessive amount of foam in the fermination bottle. Should I move the beer to a secondary fermintation bottle? Any suggestions would be great. FYI, my beer is almost at the correct FG...
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    Brown Ale Recipe

    I am looking for a good brown ale recipe that has a hoppy taste. Thanks in advance.
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    Brown Ale - Tilburg Dutch Brown

    I tried brewing a brown ale as my third beer and it failed. The taste was just blah. I used Nottingham Yest and made sure I controlled the temp and kept it at 62 degrees. I need a clone for Tillburg Dutch brown. Below is the brown I had that failed 1 lbs Amber Dry Malt 1.2 lb Amber...
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    Brew Help - Ale issue

    I brewed an Ale two weeks ago. I measured the Final Gravity at 1.012 and proceeded to move it to my keg. The beer does not taste developed. It also is like brown water the color you have while it is fermenting. Should I have waited longer for it to ferment? Should I move it back into a...
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    Octoberfest Extract Recipe - Need one

    Does anyone have an Octoberfest extract recipe they have tried that is good. I am in need of one.
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    Beer required 1.066 OG and I was at 1.058

    What happens if you are off by that much on the original gravity?
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    Brew Problem

    I had two problems with my Brown Ale: 1) I could not get the Gravity down to 1.048 but instead got it to 1.051 2) I had overflow during the first 24 hours, it blew off the fermination lock, and I switched it to a blow off tube but I don't kow how long the beer was exposed to oxygen in my...
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    Should I filter before kegging

    When I transfer the beer from the Carboy to the keg should I first transfer it to another device such as a bottling bucket and then move it to the keg. My first kegging experience did not go well I could not get the beer to carbonate correctly. I would get a head but beer tasted flat.
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    Need Help with my Keg

    My beer is in the Keg and the PSI on the CO2 is 18 and has been for the last week but I can get it to force the beer out but it is not carbonated. Is my issue that the nippled on the keg is bad and even though it shows 18 psi it is not? What could I try to resolve my beer problem.
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    Corny Keg Question

    I have just purchased some Cornelius kegs from someone who is getting out of the beer making process. He had already sold of the pieces to carbonate the beer and pump it out of the keg. My question is what do I need to get to finish this off so I can just keg my beer? Also, does anyone...
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    Clone of Dogfish Shelter Ale

    Does anyone have a recipe that is a clone of Dogfish Head Shelter Pale ale, I really would like to make this one.
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    Cleaning Bottles

    Can someone please recommend a way of cleaning the bottles and do you recommend soaking the labels off?
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    Question - Did I ruin my beer pitching to late

    I was brewing a Belgian Ale yesterday finished the wort at 60 minutes and brought the temp down to 80 degrees when I realized the yeast needed 3 hours in the packet to activate. So, I put the beer into the Carboy and then caped it and waited for 3 hours while my yeast activated. Did that...
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    La Chuffe Clone

    I am attempting to make a La Chouffe clone (Belgian Ale). I have the DME, Hops, the dried orange peels (bitter) the Coriander seed (I will crush) and the Beglian Dried Candied Sugar. The issue is I don't have the steps for when I should add the orange, sugar, and coriander during the boil...
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    Need a Flying Dog clone recipe

    I am looking to clone the flying dog pale ale and if anyone has the recipe that would be fantastic. The brewer put this on their web site.:rockin: ABV: 5.5% Plato: 13 IBU's: 35 Specialty Malts: 120L Crystal Malt Hops: Northern Brewer, Cascade Process: Dry hopped during...
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    Racking - Carboy to Bottling Bucket problem

    After reading "How to Brew" by Palmer, I realized that moving the beer from the carboy into the bottling bucket I was overly aggressive. I pumped the siphone and might have aerated the beer to much before bottling it, do you think I ruined my beer?