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    PLC temperature inputs

    Aside from my other thread on PLC and hardware interfacing, does anyone have suggestions on cheap/er temperature inputs to a plc? Planning on Automation direct control of SSR/pumps/etc. As industrial controls go, PLCs are great and easy to program, but the inputs other than discrete signals...
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    Brew software / hardware integration questions

    Hello, I'm working on designing a new brewstand, and i'm trying to plan ahead for the possible addition of automation. i'm well versed in automation direct products, and have a full legal version of their software. I'd like to better understand how to integrate the hardware side of control...
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    Conical brew kettle / HLT / MLT

    Investigating design options for a new system i plan to build. I am definitely doing electric, probably a 50A system, will be a stacked 3 tier with a tippy for the MLT. I want to do clean in place. I have a bad back and don't wish to lift anything during a brew day beyond the pail with...
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    Any group buys in Michigan?

    Haven't seen anything at all in Michigan. I know there's a ton of brewers here. Any interest?
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    Short term bottling of soda

    Anyone got suggestions on this? I currently have a keg of water in the keezer i keep carbed up to use for soda with extracts. I'd like to take some to work for lunch, but don't know what i'd use to keep the co2 in the soda. Can I just make my mix, dump it in a plastic bottle with cap and...
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    Ideal brew pot sizing - school me

    Fellow brewers, I'm fairly new at brewing, but already I know I like it enough to build an all-grain setup. I'm doing partial mash batches now with steeping crushed grain, with some malt extract. I'm a fairly cheap sucker. I have a large amount of 304 stainless sheet. I have a TIG...
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    Frozen keezer!

    This was the wierdest thing. Came home tonight and my son said the selzer keg was frozen. I went and looked and sure enough it was. I have a Ranco controller set to 39F with a 5 degree swing. The sensor is in the keezer in a jar with water in it. the water in the jar was frozen solid, and...