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    Bottled 11 gallons/3 batches of cider, didn't add campden tablets - what to expect?

    Last weekend we bottled about 11 gallons of cider - the first 3 of out of the 4 batches I've made. Batch #1 was made with fresh pressed cider from a local orchard, #2 from organic apple juice and #3 from a 75/25 blend of organic apple and organic pear juice. All were fermented to dryness and I...
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    How many packs of yeast for high-gravity cider?

    Hi HBT! I started two new fermentations on 3/5/2017, a 1-gallon apple/pear cider (75%/25%, respectively), and a 6-gallon high-gravity cider. My question pertains to the latter. I started the perry (can I call it perry when it's only 25% pear juice?) first and rehydrated a 5g pack of Red...
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    Is my cider going through MLF, and if so, can I bottle it?

    I started my first batch of cider in Early November 2016 and racked it to secondary on Jan 1, 2017 with a measured gravity of .996. I did add a little bit of apple juice to take up some head space but it's been left alone since. It's appearance today is basically the same as when I racked...
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    Opening secondary to retrieve bung, reseal with carboy cap and purge o2?

    Hello my fellow fermenters, I pushed a bung into my first ever batch of cider and it's been floating in there since I racked it to secondary on 1/1/17 (started on 11/18/16): I've been reading a lot of threads on if a rubber stopper will transfer flavor and opinions seems to be split down the...
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    Topped off secondary with juice but no airlock activity?

    Hi everyone, new here with a question about my first cider. I started my first batch of cider of 11/18/2016 using UV pasteurized fresh-pressed cider from a local orchard. Mixed O.G. was 1.050, used 1 pack of Red Star Champagne (Premier Blanc I think it's called now) Yeast and 2.5 tsp...