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    Another sad stuck fermentation (3711 rescue?)

    I brewed 10 gals barley wine back near end of November (OG: 1.086). Pitched a s-04 yeast cake from 5 gallon pale ale. Aerated well and it had a real slow start at 66 F. Heated to about 70 F and after 36 hours, added a hydrated pack of s-05. 12 hours later it is well krausened and looked...
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    Rinse oak cubes?

    A friend gave me a Bourbon Barrel Porter kit with 2 oz of medium toast oak cubes included. The kit instructions said to soak cubes in 16 oz of Maker's Mark for 1-2 days. I noticed the cubes had some carbon dust on them, but just tossed them in 8 oz of Makers (16 oz seemed overboard for 5...
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    Looking for Mosaic whole leaf hops 1 lb

    Looking for 2015 crop Mosaic whole leaf hops in 1 lb bags.
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    Leaky regulator help

    I loaned out a regulator and it came back with beer in it. Yes, I know, check valve, check valve, check valve. I opened it up and cleaned it and when I put it back together (took pictures so not to make mistakes) it leaks out hole in top of regulator. The hole that vents when one lowers the...
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    Carboy brush left rust stain in glass carboy

    I was brought away from cleaning a glass carboy last week and left the carboy brush in it for a couple of days. The metal in the brush rusted and left a rust spot in the bottom of the carboy. Tried bar keeper's friend, and didn't have much luck. It has pure bleach soaking in it now. Any...
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    Imperial fruit beer gone lactic on accident?

    I brewed a Imperial stout base for an raspberry imperial stout back on March 13 (OG 1.093 mash 154F). I pitched on a 1968 yeast cake and it was down to 1.032 in 48 hours at 64 F (insane yeast!). Down to 1.023 2 days later. Dropped down to 1.021 over the next week and sat there for 10 weeks...
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    Rubber handles coming unglued from corney keg

    I have some old pinlock Spartanburg kegs. One of the rubber handle tops has come loose from the keg on one side. Anyone know the best adhesive to glue this back on? Is there another solution to this problem beside removing it all the way and having a handle or bolts for handle welded to keg?
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    WOOOPS! Put 12ml of diluted starsan into wort... okay?

    Diluted starsan refers to standard dilution of 30ml/5gal. After sanitizing my aeration stone, I forgot to purge the tubing of diluted starsan. I then pushed 12 ml(calculated) into my fermenter with my wort. I don't thing the phosphoric acid is a big deal, but what about the...
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    Centennial whole leaf for 2013?

    Since Hops Direct had a crop failure on their Centennial, where else can I get 1 lb bags of whole leaf Centennial for under $20?
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    Burnt adjunct/cereal mash with first wit

    Lesson learned, don't try to do a adjunct/cereal mash with a false bottom installed. I brewed a wit on Thursday by first doing a adjunct mash (122 F,150 F, boil) with constant stirring. The adjunct mash contained 6 lb 6-row 8 lbs wheat flour 2 lbs oat flour I attempted to do it in my mash...
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    Stuck fermentation with Bell's yeast.

    I brewed 10 gallons of a 2 Hearted clone brewed 2/9 with OG 1.065. I think that my fermentation may be stuck on one carboy. They both have been 64-68 F the entire time. I pitched one with wyeast 1968 and the other with a cultured Bell's yeast. The 1968 finished days ago at 1.017 (high for 2H...
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    Different yeast=different ferm. color

    I brewed up an 10 gal IPA this weekend. I racked to 2 separate carboys and pitch with separate yeasts . One is Wyeast 1968 and the other is a cultured Bell's yeast. The 1968 has slowed, but the Bell's is still fermenting like mad. Why is the color so different? One carboy is shaped...
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    Beersmith and wort concentration during boil

    I am having issues understanding parts of Beersmith. I use a 3 keg all-grain system. I have my equipment set up in Beersmith with 70% brewhouse efficiency, a boil volume of 12.5 gallons, and a 10 gallon batch volume. I added the same exact equipment profile again, but upped the boil volume to...
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    Firestone poppets - not all the same???

    I picked up some poppets for my old Firestone kegs at my LHBS yesterday and I went to use them today and they do not fit. My kegs are Firestone Steel Products Spartenburg, SC. 5 GALLON MODEL F. Here is what my old poppets look like. Where can I get replacements? What are they called?
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    Bell's yeast culture... Will this work? Clean?

    I was attempting to culture some Bell's Yeast for a 2-Hearted clone this weekend. I didn't do thorough reading before hand and may have done it wrong. I made up 700 ml of 1.023 wort. I emptied the dregs from 3 bottles of Bell's Midwestern Pale Ale into the wort and put on a stir plate for 36...
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    Rehab old corney kegs?

    I have several 5 gallon corney kegs. Some of the have sit dormant for 10+ years. A few set outdoors for 6+ years (with funky beer residue). Some were half full of a bad batch of beer that was never thrown out. What is the best way to rehab the funkiest kegs? I was going to clean the...
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    Stir bar to whirlpool 10 gallons in keggle.

    Can one use a "plate stirrer" and a stir bar in a keggle with 10 gallons of beer to create a small current (weak whirlpool) to improve IC performance? I have seen this talked about a little, but I have not seen anyone that has successfully done this. The SS keggle does not interfere. I...