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  1. twobears

    Going from gas RIMS to elec. BIAB. Capturing cold break?

    I am getting rid of my current natural gas fired RIMS system and going with an electric BIAB system. My plan is to outfit my kettle (I am a fabricator and pretty handy with a TIG welder) with a pick up tube as well as a whirlpool tube. The idea is to have the whirlpool tube pointed toward the...
  2. twobears

    Counterflow vs plate chiller efficiency?

    I have done a lot of searching on this subject, not only here, but throughout the web as well about which chiller is better, counterflow vs plate chiller. I understand the plate chiller requires a few extra steps to cleaning it properly. That does not concern me. I want the one that uses the...
  3. twobears

    question about carbonating

    I read the sticky about force carbonating or burst carbonating before posting. Poor planning? Yes. I kegged 10 gallons last night, (2) 5-gallon kegs. I only have one CO2 bottle with one outlet. I would like to serve it at my christmas party tomorrow night....again, poor planning. If I put 30 psi...
  4. twobears

    brew sculptures single tier or 3 tier?

    What are some pros and cons of each style? I'm graduating from extract brewing to all grain and, as a metal fabricator, I'm going to build a brew sculpture. My initial thought was to go with a single tier. To me it seems like it would be easier to operate having everything at countertop level...
  5. twobears

    Help with HBT abbreviations!

    I am a novice homebrewer and I find a lot of information on this forum helpful.....if I can understand it. These guys abbreviate alot. Most of the abbreviations used on this forum I've seen before or I can figure them out given their use in the sentence. Some of them on the otherhand I have no...
  6. twobears

    letting the water breathe before brewing???

    I picked up on a technique a friend and fellow brewer is doing. The day before he brews he fills his pots with the water he needs and lets them sit overnight to "air out". I've never done that but he says its let the chlorine in the water (city water) escape. Is there any truth to this? One...
  7. twobears

    question about pumps and chillers.

    Those of you using a single tier system, are you using rheostats on your pumps to control sparging or just adjusting the flow at the valve? Which type of wort chiller is the most efficient? Copper tube type counterflow or plate chillers?
  8. twobears

    excessive foaming

    I'm a beginner. I bought some kegs I saw on Craigslist, brewed my first batch, and went to a supply store to pick up a CO2 tank. I asked the clerk (which was a young girl, high school student) to fix me up with the necessary equipment to put a picnic tap together. She sold me the ball-lock...
  9. twobears

    Not sure what's going on with my first batch.

    Hello, first time brewer and first post on this forum. Directions say to ferment between 60 and 70 degrees. It was fermenting vigerously (bubble every 1-1.5 seconds) the first day, after that it just petered out. Thinking I had a stuck fermentation, I called a buddy of mine that got me into...