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    Solving the mysteries of diastatic brewing yeast

    So this is not super relevant to homebrewers, but I thought it might at least interest some of you. This is related to diastatic brewing yeast (i.e. the yeast formerly known as Saccharomyces diastaticus). About a year ago I set out to elucidate the reasons behind why some strains carrying the...
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    Conan x WLP644 hybrid

    Just thought I'd share some results from a small project I worked on last fall on here as well. In an attempt to create the ultimate yeast strain for a fruity IPA (it would of course be suitable for any beer style calling for a fruity ester profile without any phenolics), I've crossed an isolate...
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    New lager yeast strains created

    As many of you are probably aware of, lager yeast or Saccharomyces pastorianus, is actually a hybrid between S. cerevisiae and the 'recently-discovered' S. eubayanus. Thanks to the availability of strains from both species, it is now possible to create new lager yeast, through the interspecific...
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    Withering hops - cold damage?

    I ordered some rhizomes about a month ago and they arrived at my home about two weeks ago. The weather was quite cold then here in Finland, so I decided to start them in pots indoors. All rhizomes (five different varieties) started growing really well and shoots (? is that the correct word)...
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    Cantillon microbiota

    Just thought I'd link to an interesting (and open access!) study that was published last week on how the microbiota of two batches of Cantillon lambic develop over a two-year period: I apologize if this has been...