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    Sour Brown via a sour mash

    You can absolutely get a beer that's as sour as a "legit" sour beer if you use a sour mash, and regular sacch can ferment it out, it will just lag a bit. You won't get a traditional funky beer, you'll get whatever character you'd normally get from your yeast, plus a clean lactic sourness. The...
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    My Barleywine is too sweet

    Hopshots need to be boiled to give bitterness, they are not pre-isomerized.
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    braggot dilemma

    I'd get like 1.130 on my system. Regardless, I'd be shocked if you could dry this out more than 1.010. Keep us posted!
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    All Brett C (WLP645) - Belgian taste

    I get cherries from brett C, not pineapple.
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    Lambic - to airlock or tinfoil?

    Comparing the oxygen permeability of a wooden barrel to the oxygen permeability of a carboy covered with aluminum foil is ludicrous.
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    Brewing sour beers and winemaking in the same environment?

    Whatever bugs that would be "in the air" from sour beer are already "in the air" from the grains you're bringing into your condo. Those things are covered in brett and lactic acid producing bacteria.
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    Brett Berliner Weisse Idea

    I have a very similar beer in a carboy right now. It was "sour worted" then got a huge pitch of brett C. Gravity samples are tasting RAD, I reccommend you go for it.
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    first sour mash - when to combine mashes?

    I really dig this method: It's great when you want a cleanly lactic beer, and it's even better when used with brett as the only fermenting organism.
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    The story of my wild so far.

    Do what you want, but that is horrible, terrible, very bad advice. Please check the gravity at bottling and report what you find.
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    The story of my wild so far.

    I direct you to post #2 in this thread, wherein I tell you that I have had a 1.080 beer drop from 1.016 to 1.006 over the course of the past year. 1.016 is nowhere near done. Invoking an argument from authority fallacy won't change this. Also - stop tasting it biweekly, the taste is changing...
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    Oaked Mild Pellicle? Oops...

    That's correct. Mold is chilling on the surface, but a pellicle is just a symptom of some other microorganism living in the beer - it's not the actual microorganism.
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    Oaked Mild Pellicle? Oops...

    You can't siphon beer out from under a pellicle the way you can with mold. This is not to say that you are doing the wrong thing, it's just something to keep in mind.
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    Had to replace the Evap Core in my wife's Durango

    Just put a piece of wood under the oil pan and use a floor jack, the way that everyone including your dealer does.
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    Mash Hopping

    You mash hop a berliner because you pull decoctions. Other uses don't do anything.
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    100% Brett beer - what styles work?

    Everyone who's ever tried my 100% brett beers would disagree with you. You're free to have your own opinions, but you should base them on personal experience.
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    100% Brett beer - what styles work?

    Have you actually made any 100% brett beers? Using White Labs Brett L will give you lots of sweat and wet hay when it's the exclusive fermentating organism.
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    Anybody ranting about the results from the National HB competition yet?

    QUAFF is 50% old dudes that have been brewing longer than I've been alive (since the days where the only craft beer was homebrew) and 50% young punks with a serious DIY streak that came of age in one of the greatest beer cities in the world. I don't understand why you'd find it surprising that...
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    100% Brett beer - what styles work?

    I second the IPA suggestion. Also, sour mashes work great with 100% brett beers. You could do a berliner (great hot weather beer).
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    stir brett-covered fruit into beer?

    He's an idiot if he thinks it's going to infect his shop. The grains he sells are covered in the exact same organisms.