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    bronze elbow for blow off tube??!!

    I don't see a problem with the metal as long as you can make a solid connection. A simpler approach is to take just the main body of a 3 piece air lock and jam a tube on the other end.
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    Grain Mill Questions

    .05" is on the edge of reasonable and .07" is way too big. Can you get an accurate measurement?
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    How to keep stainless fermenters at 70F?

    I'm not really sure you need to do anything. 60 degrees ambient means low/mid 60s fermentation which sounds fine to me.
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    BeerSmith pitfalls?

    I'll admin to skimming this thread a little but I do not see what is wrong with measuring efficiency to the fermentor. That's where the wort goes that turns into beer. The wort left in the kettle does not. The same goes for batch size. 5 gallons in the fermentor with a half gallon in the...
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    Horrible plastic smell - new beer line

    I'd vote for bev seal ultra. When putting the barbs on, hold the tubing in one hand and push on the barb with a Philips head screwdriver in the other hand. That makes it a little easier to apply pressure. It isn't easy, but you don't have to make many connections.
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    Need a sparge arm recommendation.

    It just really isn't necessary. As long as the water is delivered gently, that's all you need
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    Aged quite by accident. Can it be saved?

    I'd taste it to be sure, but it all sounds fine. I wouldn't bother with a secondary
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    Beergun / Counter Pressure Question

    Yeah, it'll be fine. Nothing to worry about.
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    Iodine Starch Reaction: Normal Pharmacy Iodine Work?

    Sounds right to me. I didn't realize there was a 'home brew shop iodine'.
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    Rotating sparge assembly

    There's really no need for it to rotate around. I'd suggest taking a look at some other threads discussing it. There are far simpler solutions
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    Funny things you've overheard about beer

    My neighbor will always say how "high alcohol" my beer is when it's typically 4.5-5%. That said, he'll typically drink 3 pints in no more than 30 minutes
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    Glycol line material

    I used copper but would recommend polyethylene for the reasons you list. If you look at commercially available lines, that's what they use.
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    30 Days of Beer

    Johnny is really right. By brewing 30 consecutive days, you don't know if day 1 went well until day 30. If you're trying to become a better brewer, there's probably a better approach. Is there a specific aspect you're looking to improve? On the other hand, if you're just looking to have fun...
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    Can my damaged aluminum kettle be repaired?

    I'd say maybe sand it just a little then boil water in it for a while to build up the oxidation layer again. I vote it can be saved
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    Beer With Kick Is Caught in F.D.A.’s Net

    I had the same thinking watching Beer Wars. Moonshot seemed more about a caffeinated beer than a good beer. Did anyone have it to report?
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    Height difference required to prime a Chugger pump

    You might try not connecting the hose to your valve until you see the liquid in the pump like you were doing.
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    Height difference required to prime a Chugger pump

    Well give it a shot and keep the hose leading to the pump inlet very direct. When priming the pump, try loosening the outlet connector to let the air out.
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    Height difference required to prime a Chugger pump

    That's a little short but you can make it work. Can you lower the pump a little more?
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    Bar Top Finish? Is Epoxy Actually Good?

    I used the system 3 Mirror Coat and am pretty happy with it. This particular stuff is pretty expensive for an area that size, so I don't know. Overall, it was very easy to do. I did this very recently, so I cannot say how well it holds up with time.
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    Beverage Factory Ships 5' of 1/4" Line with My Tower

    Yeah I should just order tubing and be done, but I'm so irritated that they would argue the diameter didn't matter. I'll never go back to them