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  1. A1sportsdad

    Inkbird help

    I use a thermowell mounted into the center of the fermenter to get a better temperature reading, not at the outside wall.
  2. A1sportsdad

    How to remove labels?

    I put about 2 Tbs of Oxiclean in a 5 gallon bucket with warm to hot water and let 12 or 13 bottles soak a few hours or overnight. The toughest labels for me to get off are my own. Mine leave a lot of adhesive behind that needs to be scraped. It’s just not as water soluble as beer manufacturers...
  3. A1sportsdad

    How long does beer take to carbonate?

    I do this every time and it has no affect that I’ve noticed on carbonation levels.
  4. A1sportsdad

    Shoutout to everyone’s favorite LHBS

    In Akron OH. My local LHBS is The Grape and Granary. Awesome place. Very well stocked. Great people. Great prices. Discount for local SAAZ Homebrew Club members. I try to buy as much as I can here. 🍻
  5. A1sportsdad

    Blow Off Tube

    Yes. I take a hacksaw to the tube that runs into the fermenter from the airlock to open it up and remove those tabs. This setup has always worked great for me.
  6. A1sportsdad

    Bench Capper

    I have the same capper. Been using it for a couple years now with no issues.
  7. A1sportsdad

    What are you drinking now?

    So this is what I called my Mystery Wheat because I had no idea how it would taste. I changed up another recipe to replace the standard hops with all Citra and it uses a Hefeweizen yeast so I was a little concerned about the potential for clove or banana flavor. No worry. Turned out great. It’s...
  8. A1sportsdad

    Yeast Nutrients

    I was reading an instruction on making a starter from and they actually call out a 1/2 tsp yeast nutrient in the starter, so I guess the whole thing. In a way it makes sense since it's the same amount of yeast whether you directly pitch it into the fermenter or put it in a starter...
  9. A1sportsdad

    Yeast Nutrients

    Okay, so it calls for 1/2 tsp of nutrient for 5 gallons. I’m making a 5 gallon batch. I’m making a 1.5 L starter. If I’m adding it in my 1.5 L starter and this is when I add the nutrient, do I still add 1/2 tsp into the starter?
  10. A1sportsdad

    Yeast Nutrients

    What do you use?
  11. A1sportsdad

    Yeast Nutrients

    Okay, so I have never used yeast nutrients before. I’m an all grain (BIAB) brewer. I usually make a yeast starter from a liquid yeast. I always thought the yeast got the minerals it needed from the grist, but now I’m not really sure. I’m looking for some feedback from all of you who know more...
  12. A1sportsdad

    Temperature control

    I guess I’m a little more anal about temperature control. I ferment in the basement where it’s about 68 F, but I use an Inkbird temp controller with a mini fridge to maintain my fermenter temperature at 64 F for the first 3 to 4 days. I have a thermowell in the center of the fermenter so I can...
  13. A1sportsdad

    First non kit home brew wheat beer low OG

    Flaked Barley is un-malted. I assume it does not really create much in the way of simple sugars. I typically see this added in smaller quantities as an adjunct not as the main malt. Am I wrong here? I am wrong. In the presence of a malted grain, there is definitely starch conversion. Open...
  14. A1sportsdad

    Water and brewing

    I don’t trust that my city water will always agree with the water reports. I prefer a consistent, blank slate. I use distilled water and build up to the water profile I want for each batch. At 89 cents a gallon I can afford to purchase the distilled water.
  15. A1sportsdad

    Sanitizing new bottles prior to bottling - current recommendations?

    I clean them in PBW or Oxiclean first. Then rinse and sanitize with Starsan for about 20 min.
  16. A1sportsdad

    Paper filter for use with refractometer

    I take my sample in a 10 ml graduated cylinder and let it sit for an hour or two so that enough of the top clears that I can draw a sample from that. Helps a lot with a cloudy sample.
  17. A1sportsdad

    Curious what micro-breweries do with used grain?

    I always have a compost pile going to support my garden. Since starting brewing I have always dumped the grains into the pile. My compost pile does not stink, but you do have to turn it to keep air mixed in. I have 2 piles next to each other so I can turn it from one to the other and mix in new...
  18. A1sportsdad

    White labs question

    If it works for you, great, but the goal is to increase the release of the CO2 being produced and increase the suspension of oxygen in the wort. More oxygen means better health for your yeast, and a greater number in your starter. From that prospective, you want to allow gasses to be able to...
  19. A1sportsdad

    White labs question

    Don’t really want an airlock on a starter. When the yeast is going through this phase it needs as much oxygen as possible. Use a sponge stopper or foil I stead. Save the airlock for your actual fermentation.
  20. A1sportsdad

    White labs question

    I use White Labs all the time. It’s my preferred yeast. I almost always do a starter and if it’s a big beer I usually end up pitching a second one in the fermenter with the starter. I have always had very good and complete fermentations.