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    Will ABV boost from barrel aging cause bottle conditioning concerns?

    Any way to tell/guess how much abv boost you will get from barrel aging? I’m planning on doing ~15 gallons of bourbon stout (in a fresh 15 gallon barrel) with a friend. I’d imagine 10, if not all 15 gallons will be bottle conditioned. I keg, he doesn’t. Plan on giving a lot of it away too...
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    Any Lambic/gueuze blending tips & tricks?

    I have 5 gallons of each - a 1,2,3,& 4 year old extract lambic. I was thinking about having a few (1-4) people over to get some different perspectives on blends. What’s the best, or easiest way to go about this? Measure by weight, with a scale? How much to take out of each carboy for the...
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    Stabilizing a sour beer, like wine?

    I want to add some fruit juice & maybe lactose to a sour beer that I will be kegging. It is from a solera type barrel that is at least a year old (since last addition). I probably won't drink it fast enough to rely solely on refrigeration to keep fermentation at bay. I've read that people...
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    Using Infected starter?

    I'll start off by saying, I generally only brew wild/mixed fermentations, so it isn't a big concern. I made a starter for an neipa (wlp007 dry English ale) probably about a month ago, then couldn't brew. I've been busy every weekend lately, and just kind of forgot about it. Now, the starter...
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    Water chemistry for extract neipa?

    I'm looking to make a "juicy" session type of beer using 5lbs extra light, and 1lb wheat dme in a 5 gallon batch. Probably do a 15min boil using 6 gallons of distilled water (~6.5 gallon boil total volume). I'll be using 1oz Columbus at 15min, 1oz Amarillo at flame out, a bunch of stuff in...
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    How to quick "age" hops in oven

    My plan is to make an extract lambic, doing a 60min boil with aged hops. I have a wild starter that I'm going to use, along with dregs and maybe a lambic blend to be safe. I have some old home grown hops in my freezer I'd like to quick "age" in the oven. I know that aged hops aren't...
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    Lacto low temp limit?

    Will lacto sour at 60-65, or is that too cold? I understand warmer is better, but is it necessary, or just faster? I've heard it takes longer at room temp, but what is room temp, 70, 75? Thanks, wickerman
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    How full to fill a barrel?

    When filling a barrel with beer, how full do you make it? Should it be full until over flowing? Seems like that would make an airlock fairly useless. I have a 30 gallon barrel that I'll be filling up with sour beer within the next month or so. I already have the beer fermenting, so this will...
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    Dreg usage for a sour solera

    I plan on starting a few 15 gallon soleras in the near future, but am not quite sure how I should go about using dregs. I'll be using either 15 gallon demi-johns or whiskey barrels for the secondaries, and 3 buckets for primary. Now my question is, if I primary in 3 different buckets (5...
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    Questions about barrels and starting a solera

    I'm thinking about starting a solera type sour saison barrel. Ideally I would like to find a freshly emptied barrel from a local winery in the 30 gallon range, but haven't started looking yet. Id like to do a small (~4%) sour & funky farmhouse/saison type beer that I could pull 10-15 gallons...
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    Varietal honey and brett/bacteria question

    I plan on making a few experimental meads with brett and bacteria. Will the brett/bacteria wipe out the flavor and smell from a varietal honey? I don't want to waste my good stuff (buckwheat & orange blossom) if there will be little to no contribution of flavor or aroma. Any input is...
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    White labs lactobacillus questions

    This is the first time I'm attempting to use lacto (white labs), and have a few questions. I'm interested in doing some pre-boil souring and maybe a berliner with lacto pitched a day or so before the yeast. Now for the questions- -Do I need to/should I make a starter? If so, what should the...
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    How much headspace is too much?

    I'm just getting into making wild brews and wanted to know how much headspace is too much? I have 4 gals of a braggot of sorts in a 6 gal carboy that I added brett C to about a week ago. My plan was to add 1 gal cherry juice to it at some point down the line, so I'd have 5 gals and still have...
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    Can using brett/sour bugs infect a room?

    I'm venturing into the world of using brett and other bugs. I was wondering if by just using them, is there a chance I could infect an area of my house? I don't make a ton of beer, but I have a good bit of mead aging in carboys. Is there anything I should worry about as far as infections go...
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    What to do about a fruit fly in my wine

    I was going to stir/degass a wine I made a few days ago, and I saw a fruit fly floating in it. I removed it as soon as I saw it. What do I do now? Should I just let it be and hope for the best? Or hit it with some campden or something, and re-pitch more yeast? Any advise is appreciated...
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    Tips on transfering honey from 5 gal bucket?

    I'm ordering two 5 gal buckets of honey this week and need some tips on transfering the honey to smaller containers. I figure I'll do a few gallon jugs, mason jars (quart & pint), and make a batch with whats left. The best method I have found so far is to pour some from the bucket to a pot...
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    still need nutrients when using fruit juice?

    I will be making some experiment gallons that will basically be pure fruit juice and honey. My question is, should I still use nutrients as I normally would, or tone it down a bit? The juice will be cranberry, blueberry, currant, cherry, and apple if that matters. Thanks, wickerman
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    Could I brew 6 gals, add water to make it 12?

    I am thinking of making a 12 gallon batch of pale ale, but don't really want to do two boils. Could I just use the ingredients for a 12 gallon batch in a 6 gallon brew, and add 6 gallons of water at the end, or will it be too diluted? I have a feeling I would have to add more hops for sure...
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    First attempt with oak chips questions

    I have been doing research on how much oak to use, when to use it, sanitizing, and so on. There doesn't really seem to be any particular way to do it. I have 2oz medium roast frech oak chips. I was told to use 2oz (soaked in 100pf vodka over night) for about a month. I don't want to over do...
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    Help with a polish mead recipe

    I found a recipe for a "Traditional Polish Mead" a while ago that has really intrigued me, but there are a few things I don't really understand (rough translation?). Don't remember where I found it, but here it is- Traditional Polish Mead Czworniak -("Quadruple" - refers to water to honey...