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    Favorite Fruit Wine!

    I love my peach, blood orange passion fruit and cherry chipotle. The wild raspberry, strawberry, blackberry, pomegranate and strawberry/apple are good also. I also far prefer fruit wines to grape.
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    Why arent fruit wines sold commercially (much)?!

    Around here it's growing greatly in popularity. We have a fantastic local winery that makes exclusively grape free wines. The cherry is fabulous, semi sweet, but they also make a dry strawberry rue barb. I way prefer fruit wines to grape
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    Cocoa color?

    Well, my chocolate mead is almost 13 months old and still very murky. I made a chocolate cherry with cocoa nibs and it's nearly clear in 3 months. I think cocoa powder takes FOREVER to clear.
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    I did a blood orange?
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    Anyone made Flower or Leaf Wines? Worthwhile? I am not convinced!!!!

    My favorite wine to date is a passionflower, chamomile, peach wine, with a touch a spearmint. The herbs take back stage to the peaches, but it is fascinating and complex. Some herbs add a great background flavor, some have great medicinal qualities. Traditionally many meads were used as...
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    Best & Worst Wines!!!

    Best so far is a chamomile, passionflower, peach mead. Also good is a dry apple strawberry, blood orange passion fruit, and dandelion. Worst hands down was a ancient orange mead with hibiscus. Tasted like cough syrup
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    Beet wine

    Mine is finally bottled! The color is outstanding, it smells fantastic, but tastes like dirt. Gonna shelf this one for 6 months and see what happens.
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    Looking for Dry Mead Recipe & Pointers

    I second the need to age a dry mead, especially one over 12% . My dry traditional(made with Tasmanian leatherwood honey) is 14% and wasn't even close to good until 8 months. I have a sweet strawberry at 19% that is still not even close to being done and it's 14 months old
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    Mead won't clear

    I have a vanilla mead that is 14 months old and still hazy. I had a strawberry mead that cleared at 9 months. Grab a glass of something delicious and forget about it.
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    I had a blood orange passion fruit mead that smelled and tasted like vomit. I nearly dumped it at 3 months, it was that vile. Bottled and forgot about it, at 9 months it's one of my favourites.
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    Patience is a virtue.

    I'm currently drinking a mead I thought was aweful at 3 months, good at 6 months, quite good at 9 months, and really exceptional at a year. Can't wait for it to hit 2 years.. I made a raspberry mead that I was excited about. Must was amazing. At 3 months it was disgusting. At 6 it was awful...
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    sulfite free wine

    I don't use sulfites, and have no problems. I either ferment it dry or max out the yeast for a sweet wine.
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    Show us your Mead in a photo!!!

    Tasmanian leatherwood honey traditional. 14%, 7 months old. I didn't have high hopes for this when I started, but it is AMAZING. Dry, strong floral aroma, resembles Concord grapes and elder flowers. Really amazing honey.
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    Clearing apple wine

    Just my two cents. I had an apple wine that I made with pectin enzyme. Ruled out all other causes for hazes. I degassed, warmed it up, cooled it down, used two part finnings, and nothing worked. I shoved it to the back of the cupboard and it cleared by itself after 10 months.
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    Help, fizzy peach drink?

    Use 100% peach juice, leave overnight with camden tabs and pectin enzyme. ferment to 5% and allow to clear, back sweeten to taste with something complementary like honey, carbonate, pasteurize and enjoy :) I would use an ale yeast actually, but something like 1122 or d47 would also work. I did...
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    Yeast for Peach wine?

    Lalvin 1122 or d47 would work well.
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    On The Hunt For Root Beer

    I'm pretty sure the cancer/diabetes/heart disease causing effects of white sugar and wheat products have been more effectively proven, yet much of the world consumes them daily, if not with every meal.
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    Popular cider add-ins?

    Only raw vinegar will be able to 'vinegarize' sonething. However, I think it would be a better to use vodka in this case. I have a hab vodka that I add to brews. That way I can add it drop by drop.
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    Idiot proof wine

    If you ever do a road trip to Canada, please take some of my rhubarb!!! I have three plants that produce insane amounts, plus friends constantly trying to give me some and a couple plants growing wild in the alley behind my house.