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    Question about mashing a large grain bill

    Recently I made an IPA, 5 gal batch, that was a huge hit. Literally the entire keg was gone in a few hours with about 8 people. Ever since, they've been hounding me to make more. Typically I do 5 gal batches to try a new recipe, if its a keeper, I'll do 10 gal batches moving forward. That...
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    Hop viability..

    So I did a mass cleaning of my brew area and found a box of grain I had purchased on 8/24/16. I realized under the grain was a few packages of hops from Hoptimus Rex. They are still sealed in original packaging. Think they are any good still? It never gets above 62 degrees in my brew area so...
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    Bullet bitten.. Ss Conical ordered..

    Well for the last week I had a shopping cart full of parts and pieces at Ss Brewtech. The 14 gal Brewmaster Series conical, with various parts to make it even more kick a$$. For a week I looked at it.. pondered if I should or shouldn't.. justified it as much as I could in my head, and to my...
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    Having some foam issues with my kreezer, any ideas?

    Ok so I just finished a kreezer and collar build. I started off with the kreezer and temp controller to make sure everything was working correctly. We had a party over Labor Day weekend so I put a 1/2 keg of Sam Adams in it, put my CO2 bottle and regulators in it, and a simple picnic tap so...
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    5 Gallon Plastic Water Bottles for Secondary

    Hello All, I get regular Deer Park water delivered. Recently they switched to #1 PETE bottles. I have 4 empty and 2 which will be empty likely by the end of next week. I know the PETE Better Bottles are $20+, while these I have a $6 deposit into them. If anyone is looking for secondary...
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    Raspberrry Wit Thoughts..

    A buddy of mine like the Shock Top Raspberry Wit, going to take a stab at it.. Using some of the Blue Moon clones out there as a base.. 4.5# Morris Otter 4.5# Flaked Wheat 1# Flaked Oat 1oz East Kent Goldings 5.00% @ 60 .5oz Coriander @ 5 .5oz Bitter Orange Peel .5oz Sweet Orange Peel...
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    What do you think of this recipe? - Maple Brown Ale

    Trying to come up with a nice Maple Brown Ale recipe and would like to know what you guys/gals think. I love Maple so would like something that has a good Maple taste but also don't want something that tastes more like candy/soda than beer. So here is where I'm at.. 6.5 lb Pale Ale 2 Row...
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    Setup testing - what do you think of my numbers?

    Ok I was doing some tests for my new MT and HLT setup, it is a fly sparge setup. I purchased the setup off ebay, take a look at item # 300309026896 for the setup I bought. Anyway, I wanted to post my results here just to see what the experts thought. I basically did a mock batch with just tap...
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    Excessive Krausen Question..

    Just brewed Cheesefood's cream ale yesterday and this thing is going crazy! I had to setup a blow off this morning because I was starting to see some krausen in the airlock. 3hrs later the tube is working but there is a lot of foam going through it and the catch jar I'm using is a nice golden...
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    Some issues with a big beer, what's your opinion..

    Tried making a very big Porter, OG was 1.085 and this poor batch has had a rough life already.. Half way through the hour boil I lost power (electric stove) for about 5 min. Came back on and continued boil.. Then a warm day snuck up on me a few days into fermentation and got up to 78*.. Well...
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    Will too cool hurt fermentation or just slow the process?

    I've got a batch fermenting and getting a LOT of krausen, it has me a little nervous of a mess. It was a steady bubble earlier today and now tonight is pausing for quite awhile and then belches out a rush of bubbles. There is a some krausen going through the tube but doesn't look like enough...
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    Brew in process, had an oops.. HELP!

    Ok started my 60 min boil with the bittering hops in a muslin bag.. 30 min into it the bag appears to have opened somehow and naturally is empty.. What should i do to get the hop pellets out? I dont have any screens or anything to try and filter it..
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    Any issues with splitting a starter?

    I'm having some trouble finding a gallon jar locally to make starters in. I did find 1/2 gallon Ball mason jars. I worry that they will not leave enough head space so was going to split a 1/2 gallon starter between two jars. Any issue with doing that? My guess is no but just want to make...
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    First batch update

    Just thought I'd post an update on my first brew. Here is my previous post ( The blowoff tube worked great. It bubbled like a fish tank for a good 18 hours and then slowly tapered off yesterday. I was able to...
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    Newbie question - just need reassurance..

    First all, hello all! This is my first post. Great info on this site! Well last night I completed my first wart, a Porter, and is in the fermenting bucket going to town. I completed it about 11:30pm last night, I checked the airlock this morning (about 7:30am) and was happy to see it was...