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    porter recipe

    First time doing a porter, I'm brewing in S Korea so is hard to get almost everything. Any thoughts on this recipe? 1 gallon batch 1/4lb caramunich2 1/2lb carafa2 Light dry malt extract Galena hops 11% 1/3 Oz for 15mins White labs Irish ale yeast Lactose 1.6Oz Thanks for any...
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    Making a recipe

    i'm thinking of a new project recipe--If I were to make 1 gallon of beer, and choose to not use malt \, what kind of sugar should I use? Corn syrup, plain sugar? Lets say i do use corn syrup, about how much would you reccomend for 1 gallon? I hope you can help me
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    priming sugar

    How much sugar should I put into a 1 gallon batch of apple cider, when bottling to ensure carbonation, but not explosion? What factors should I be concerned about? any advice you can give will be appreciated
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    I have had this cider in wine bottles (still) and the amount of sediment has that natural, or is my brew infected with something??
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    Finally, hopped cider

    I have just put into primary my squeezed apple juice and hops, 1 oz of Fuggle, boiled for 15 mins in 3 cups of water. I pitched ale yeast last night and it bubbling away very happily...I gave it a whiff yesterday and it is kinda weird--have no idea what it will be like when yeast has done its...
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    Tonight I will try my first

    Today I will open my first bottle and test out my "apple wine" I bottled 4 weeks ago, so probably not ready yet but.....cant wait any more I'll tell you how it went tomorrow--hopefully slightly hung-over hehe
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    Bad News

    I was trying to get my buddy infected with the hombrew bug, so I walked him through everything, go him a set (purchased here in S Korea) and we squeezed the crap out of 11 giant Asian Pears for quite some time... Turns out the lid was not an airtight screw cap--i noticed that 24 after campden...
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    Hopped Mead--Tej

    I've eard about this mead called Tej--ethopian mead which has hops in it--anyone even seen a reipe for it that migt specify how much and what kind of hops? I'm trying to make a hopped cider, and I hope this information can help me get some idea about how i should go about adding hops Crucial...
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    floating spices

    In my spiced cider, my orange zest and cloves are floating at the top--will they eventually fall to the bottom? Is it a real concern? I'm hoping to not transfer them to secondary--but worried they'll get sucked into my siphon hose
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    New recipe idea

    I will start this batch soon, wanted to get some input Spiced cider--all fresh apples, juiced by myself--1 gallon batch 3 cinnamon sticks, .25 oz cloves, small ginger root(mashed) peels of 2 oranges zested .5 pound brown sugar im using "muntons gold yeast" add everything in...
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    how can i sweeten

    I want to test out different ciders by changing some things in each batch, for example, sweetness, spice, mixture of fruits, etc... How can I change the sweetness (i know I can load up the sugars, but that will also load the alcohol level) I want to hit about 5-8% sweet cider ale yeast...
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    Yeasty taste

    I sampled my first batch when I transfered to secondary--a bit alcohly (13%) and yeasty taste too--I tried to not transfer the crud at the bottom of my bucket, but I must have gotten some Will this go away after some time or should I be extra careful when tranfering from secondary to...
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    hydrometer reading

    My initial reading was 1.101--just checked it at .998, can you tell by that the alcohol content?
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    Pitching yeast

    I am curious about pitching dry yeast vs. live yeast--it seems like live yeast from dry package would be a serious contamination there a benifit to live yeast being introduced? In my beer brewing I always pitch dry and have never had a problem, does anyone know about this...
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    False Start

    I just started my first batch of cider, I gallon. I added 1 campden tablet per gallon so, in this case just one tablet--it has been in pimary for maybe 3 hours without yeast added yet and I think it is starting to bubble--should I add more campden to supress wild yeast? will 2 talets for 1...
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    Age my cider

    Does it matter if I age cider in really cold temps like 20F to 50F? I guess freezing would be a bad idea? How long should I age it? I've heard 3 months, too long too short or depends on the recipie??
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    Hops in my cider

    Crazy idea--combining my love for hoppy beer with cider love--anyone tried it? If so, reccommend any hops? Anything I should be careful about? Thanks