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    Barleywine recipe advice

    Hey all, wanting to brew a big one to be ready for Christmas time, wondering what you think about what I have. (I'm still kinda new) 10 lbs xldme 6 lbs gold lme 1 lb victory malt 8 oz Carmel 80L 2 oz warrior (90 min) 1.5 oz centennial (60 min) 1.5 oz centennial (10 min) 11 grams Nottingham...
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    Big beer; dry yeast

    IM wanting to brew a barley wine soon for next winter. I always use dry yeast, cause I live In Germany and don't want to risk shipping liquid strains over seas. What (if any) has the alcohol tolorance to make it through a 12-14% abv beer? Thanks for the pointers, I'm still a rookie.
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    Flavored beer...

    So the swmbo talked me into brewing a raspberry ale. My ? Is, the instructions sat to add the flavor crap at bottling time, but I've read that sometimes the flavoring takes a while to "mellow", should I add it when I rack to secondary? Just lookin for som opinions
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    Aging a beer

    So I have my first original recipe bottled, it's a little stronger take on a DFH 90 min, with a different variety of hops (chinook, magnum, and centinial in the boil, chinook in the dry). Anyhow, I'm pretty proud of it (naturally, I'm kinda a noobie, lol) and I'm wanting to age a few bottles to...
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    Fermentation wont stop!

    I brewed a iipa on December 20th. I used us-05 dry yeast, which I've used before a few times. SWMBO broke my hydrometer, and I live in Germany, so I have to wait to get one shipped, but my airlock won't stop bubbling! I had it in primary for a week, and transferred it to secondary on a dry hop...
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    Help with a recipe

    I'm getting ready to brew my first original recipe, but I'm wanting some help with my hop schedule. The recipe is similar to DFH 90 minute, and it says they add hops every 7.5 minutes, but I've heard you don't get a lot out of hopping in the middle of a boil, so I was considering adding more at...
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    Sanitizing practices

    Ow long can I leave a star San solution in a glass carboy? The reason I ask is that my airlock on my primary has stopped bubbling and I want to take a SG reading, and need to sanitize my hydrometer, but if it's not ready to rack to secondary yet, I don't want to toss out all that solution and...
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    Brewed my first batch 3 days ago (HopHead IIPA by Midwest) and I know it's to early to tell, but everything is going entirely to good. It smells delicious out of the airlock, it started bubbling right at 24 hours and is still going strong, I have been able to keep a constant 67 degrees, and...
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    Should i be concerned?

    Broke my brewing cherry last night with Hop Head IIPA from Midwest Supplies. Boiled 3.5 gallons, all went well, got it chilled in about 25 minutes, strained into my primary, topped up to 5 gallons, pitched 11.5 Safeale US-05 at 78 degrees, put it in my cold room and that was that. Woke up this...
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    Heavy Seas Loose Cannon Hop 3 IPA

    An excellent IPA. Not to big for the average consumer, probably the best smelling brew I've ever had, just to bad it's only available on the east coast. The $5 brewery tour is well with it also if you ever find yourself in Baltimore