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    Piwo Grodziskie time?

    That looks very much like mine before it cleared. It didn't bother me. I just told myself it was on the low end of the color suggestion.
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    Hoppy AUS+NZ Lager style beer

    Sounds good. Although I can't comment on those particular hops as I have not used them. Be sure to let us know how this turns out.
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    Hoppy AUS+NZ Lager style beer

    I have done a Dortmund Lager, which is very similar to this idea. It's very much like a Pilsner but with high mineral content, especially sulfate. I loved it and need to make it again. I remember the sulfate definitely made the hops much more pronounced than the low mineral content Pils I made...
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    Piwo Grodziskie time?

    I used gelatin on mine and it still took a couple of weeks cold before it cleared.
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    Piwo Grodziskie time?

    I made one not too long ago. It is possible, but you will be hard pressed to get it cleared in that time. Pay attention to the "Appearance" portion of the guidelines. On the plus side, there probably won't be many other entries for that style. Enjoy.
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    Saison with Wyeast 3724 - When is it done?

    Definitely use a hydrometer, but if it is over 1.010 it is not done. I suspect an OG of 1.040 will finish <1.005 with 3724. That yeast is a PITA, but the end result is great if you let it finish. Maybe try taking it out of the chest freezer and let it finish in your garage. Sounds crazy, but I...
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    Would like to learn how to create my first recipe

    Start simple. JayJay is right on the money. A simple SMASH to start with. You will learn a lot about base grains and hops. One thing to keep in mind, lighter beers will highlight any faults. But that's a perfect way to learn and address any problems. Just don't get frustrated if the first one...
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    Shiner Bock Clone Yeast

    Check out wlp029. I have used it successfully in Kolsch beers and it is really clean and easy to deal with. You may want to keep it on the low end of the temps, about 65-66.
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    Help with Imperial A24

    Thank you for the reply. What have you noticed most about the ester profiles of this blend?
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    Help with Imperial A24

    Thanks for all the help. Guess I should have asked about making a weird colored beer.
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    Help with Imperial A24

    I will be making a NEIPA using Imperial A24 Dry Hop. Anyone who has used this, can you share what temps really let this yeast shine in a NEIPA?
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    The Price of Craft Beer

    I wouldn't give $.10 for one of those.
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    Roggenbier recipe

    I have one of these on tap right now. First recommendation, rice hulls. Lots of them. I only used a single infusion mash and it worked fine for me, but I was trying to avoid the clove flavors and focus on the fruity esters. Midnight wheat should get you exactly what you are looking for...
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    Freezer Cleaning Recipe-style classification

    I would call it an American Amber. A touch light in color, Brown Malt maybe a touch off style. Overall, looks like a pretty tasty beer.
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    Low ABV...Should I Pitch More Yeast?

    All-grain or extract? What was the volume going into the fermenter? Need a little more info to answer your question.
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    Jazzing up a boring Belgian post-keg

    Belgian yeast + American hops= s*** can get weird.
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    Brewing my first all-grain batch tomorrow, numbers questions

    Take notes. Lots of them. Record mash temp, pre-boil gravity, pre-boil volume, post-boil volume, post-boil gravity. This will help you refine your process later.
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    Maybe the ABInBev haters can let up

    ^THIS I live in Houston, I evacuated for Rita. If this city had ordered evacuation thousands, if not tens of thousands would have been stuck on highways designed to turn into rivers when extreme rainfall hits. This was not a foreseeable outcome. For all the heart wrenching scenes on your...
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    Oxidized taste?

    Which yeast did you get with that kit? Tartness in a Heady clone is not necessarily a bad thing and can be a product of the yeast. I get a distinct orange juice quality from the yeast.
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    Dealing with FG 1.032

    For that yeast, heat is good. You almost can't go too hot.