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    New York C&W CRATE CO. Plastic beer bottle-cases buffalo

    I have (6) brand new cases. They each hold 24 12oz bottles. I bought them back when I was bottling but switched to kegging right before I got them. They're all assembled but never used. What they are is plastic cases. You can put wet bottles or anything in them and they wipe up and store easily...
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    New York Craigslist ad for my brew items in buffalo ny
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    New York Sabco rims wizard

    Selling a sabco rims wizard... Used 8x...excellent condition... Comes with manual and stainless fitting/valves/ thermocouple as shown in pics...$SOLD !!!!!!!!!
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    Harley for a brew magic!!!

    Title says it all. Looking to trade my custom 2009 harley iron for a brew magic. The bike will sell for $7000 in the spring so I'm looking for comparable trade so a brew magic with chill wizard or a brew magic and some cash. Will work out details later. I'm in buffalo ny
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    If anyone is selling one send me a message. I'm in buffalo ny... Thanks
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    Brew magic pricing opinions..

    What do you guys think is. Fair price for a one year old brew magic used under 10x with a chill wizard and sabco fermenting keg both used 1x....with 4 cornies, johnson controller brew magic cover some other misc items...thanks for opinions
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    Sabco rims wizard

    I know it costs more than making one.....but anyone use one or see one...what are the opinions...i am thinking of buying a brew magic without the 350 computer and getting the the pro brewer package...basically its a brew magic with the rims wizard instead of the 350vms and its $1700 less.....for...
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    Looking for another Brew magic

    Hey guys...sold my sabco stand a while back...wish I kept it...looking for a brew magic in the new york/pa/ohio area...or somewhere north east US...let me know ...thanks
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    Selling my all grain blichmann setup with keezer here my craigslist link....getting out the hobby...trying something new...its been fun
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    How does this look to the pros

    i am doing my third all grain batch this week, so far things have went well...couple glitches but pretty good. anyways i am doing northern brewers oatmeal stout kit this week, all reviews said its a little light in mouth feel so i was going to up the grain bill, the original ingredients are...
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    Sabco Brewmagic stand ,keggles, etc

    i am considering selling my equipment i am open to reasonable offers, i do not have the time to brew anymore, i may do a few extract batches here and there just to have beer on tap. i bought the stand directly from sabco in november, it is brand new, it has all polished keggles, camlock...
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    which dial thermometer

    Any reviews. Between these 3 dial thermometers I am installing 3 weldless in all my keggles they are all thesame price pretty much Blichmann bremometer from Austin homebrrw Miljoco from bargain fittings Winters from brewhardwarw
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    which false bottom, pico or sabco

    i am tryig to decide between getting a sabco false bottom or this one , i like the idea of no dip tube with the pico, but heard its complicated to figure out dead space below it, also did anyone use the...
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    Help with stand choice needed

    I am buying either a brew magic stand ( just the stand) fir about $1100 and I will pick it up from Sabco so no shipping or buying a blichmann top tier with three burners for about $1000 from northern Brewer so minimal shipping costs. Very minimal. What do u guys think. I am in NY so its a 5...
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    Advice on brew magic stand

    i was going to buy a single tier stand from brewersequipment but after reading so many bad reviews i decided to go another route, i cannot weld or build one myself and i want a nice stand, i am not doing rims or herms or full auto or anything yet...i am looking at just getting the brew magic...
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    Brewers equipment stand question

    i am buying a stainless stand from brewers equipment. i am torn between single tier or 2 tier, its not a matter of pumps, i dont mind buying 2 pumps , what do the pros think, am i better off in the long riun with 2 tier for more options or what, i would have to pump out of the BK toi the...
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    Single tier stand stainless???

    i am buying a single tier stand, i was going to go with mild steel but for $100 more i can get the same stand in stainless steel( it isnt poilished or high grade stainless) is it worth it for $100?? i know with a painted steel the paint will come off the windguards and top of the stand form...