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  1. Engelramm

    Avogadro's Expeditious Old Ale

    Has anyone made this recipe from Papazian's The Complete Joy of Homebrewing? It uses Muntons Old Ale kit (2 cans) and the label on the can says DO NOT USE PRIMING SUGAR, but Papazian's recipe says to pime with corn sugar. I've got a couple of weeks before it is time to bottle as the...
  2. Engelramm

    Woo Hoo! Textbook Brew

    Hey gang, I'm on my 4th batch (a Brewer's Best English Brown Ale kit that I slightly modified) and everything seems to be going "by the book". My other batches soared through fermentation and acted strangely...and yes I worried the whole time...but they tasted fine. This brew started...
  3. Engelramm

    Thank You!

    After reading here for a couple of weeks (and reading How to Brew and The Joy of Homebrewing) I have seen horror stories about spewing soon-to-be beer all over the closet, room, basement, etc. I set my third batch up in the closet and removed my wife's nice winter coats. I also put the...