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    Good coffee porter yeast?

    I'm following an old recipe I had from nearly a decade ago and the yeast I have in my notes is Safbrew S-3. I can't seem to find this anywhere, and the closest thing is safbrew s-33 which is a high ABV yeast and I'm thinking that is not the yeast I used back then. Anyone have any...
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    Hopii Tabletop Brewing System

    Anybody hear of this? I got a sponsored FB ad for their kickstarter ( It's a 3l brewing system where you can buy kits or make your own wort and ferment in the enclosed system. Has temp regulation and the like and...
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    I have 10lbs of honey. Simple recipe?

    A guy at work does some beekeeping and is selling me 10lbs on the cheap. Looking for a super simple, tasty recipe that can be done in 4-8 weeks. Preferably one that doesn't require me to go buy tons of ingredients. Is 10lbs honey enough for a 5 gallon batch?
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    Best Beer Tracking App?

    Read in a beer magazine recently that there are apps to track the craft beer you drink, some that let you rate the beer so you know to buy it in the future if you liked it. Any free recommendations? I use iOS currently.
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    What volume of Co2 during fermentation?

    I've made a few batches of EdWorts apfelwein - 5 gals store bought apple juice, 2-3 lbs of sugar (3 lbs in most recent batch) and using Red Star Montrechet yeast. After ~4 weeks of fermentation, the product is still foamy/lightly carbonated straight from the carboy, as I assume it's still...
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    Repitching dry yeast....

    I have a batch at ~9 abv and 1.008 fg which is too sweet. I think my yeast has stalled as it's been 6 weeks and steady for several days. I moved the carboy to a new, warmer location and will continue to check it, however if it doesn't restart I'm going to re pitch ec1118 (originally used...
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    Repitching dry yeast....

    Currently have an edworrts batch at ~9 abc and 1.008 fg which is too sweet. I think my yeast has stalled as it's been 6 weeks. I moved to a new, warmer location and will continue to check it, however if it doesn't restart I'm going to re pitch ec1118 (originally used Montrachet). It's a dry...
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    PHEW! Too much sugar??? (Edworts Apfelwein)

    I put i think 3 or 3.5lbs of sugar in an edworts batch, hoping to boost the abv some more. It's been a solid 6 weeks, crystal clear and very active fermentation. See my math in post #2 Tasted it today and it has a pleasant apple taste, however it's almost cloyingly sweet on the finish. Did I...
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    Topping off at bottling...

    I brewed a 4 gallons (5g recipe) but forgot to add the gallon of water to the partial 4gallon. It's ready to bottle. Any issues just topping off when transferring to bottling bucket? I'd would also siphon the water to prevent oxidation.
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    Chilling meat before grinding?

    I made my first 2 sausages on the same weekend. One use pre-ground pork but came out awful (I think the pork was actually bad). The second one came out fantastic (, but the texture was a bit off. Like a...
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    How to get a lot of pumpkin flavor?

    Is the key simply the pumpkin spices or using loads of pumpkin puree? I was thinking about doing a variation of Edworts Apfelwein and loading it up with a several cans of pureed pumpkin with some pumpkin pie spice, using the same yeast. I thought perhaps replacing a gallon or two of the batch...
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    How big is my Co2 tank?

    This may be obvious, but I was looking on the side and it said WT 7.3lb and after that 3.3kg. Do I have a 7.3lb co2 tank? I thought they usually only measure in 5lb, 10lb etc and I can't seem to find 7.3lb co2 cylinders online anywhere to price it appropriately for sale to a friend. Any help is...
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    Safbrew-06 dry wheat yeast

    Looking to use Safbrew-06 in a pumpkin wheat beer I want to have ready for this fall. Anybody have experience with this yeast? Is it any good? Thanks ahead of time.
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    Keg kicked...

    Just finished off a keg of apfelwein last night. Can I just rack my other wine that ready to go into it without any major risk of infection? Since the keg isn't out of the keezer and still all sealed up is cleaning/sanitizing still required?
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    Is this real life? wtf is this? Is this real life? I don't even.
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    Beer Foam served like ice cream - news article

    Didn't see this posted anywhere here, thought it was interesting.
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    Masterbuilt Turkey Fryer

    Masterbuilt Propane Turkey Fryer with Hanger and Timer is only $64.99 at Home Depot's website. Anybody have experience with this? Comes with a 30qt pot and seems like a good deal.
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    Keeping the yeast cake....

    I just kegged about 5 gallons of Edworts Apfelwein. I'm going to rack on top of the cake with a batch of skeeter pee because I heard problems with it getting started. Will it be ok if I leave the cake in the fermenter until Monday? It probably has 5-10oz of Apfelwein on top of it and airlock is...
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    Oops...didnt rinse enough

    I realized I likely didn't rinse enough of the oxyclean out of my keg. Maybe a quick spray off with hot water then I ran sanitizer through it and the lines. My first pull of my beer was REALLY bitter, possibly due to it being young, and a few days later it tasted better, but still a bit off...
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    emptying a carbed keg

    I got prob around 4g of a my first kegged beer that I've decided needs dumping. Still tastes like crap and is just taking up a keg at this point. How do I empty it while the keg is fully carbed, do I just pull the handle at serving pressure? I'm assuming this is a waste of c02 if there is...