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  1. Z

    Festbier Oztoberfest (1st place with score of 43!)

    I realize this is 10 months late, but glad you guys liked it! I brewed it again for this year, but couldn't get my normal yeast. I don't remember what I ended up getting, but it finished sweeter than usual. I definitely prefer the Bohemian Lager yeast.
  2. Z

    Firestone Walker Sticky Monkey Clone

    Did you ever end up making the 2nd batch? After having some Monkee at GABF this weekend, I'm determined to make something similar.
  3. Z

    HomeBrewTalk 2013 Big Giveaway!

    Holy crapola! Lots of goodies!
  4. Z

    Temperature Monitoring - Seems off?

    My guess is that it is accurate and the 1F fluctuations are mostly because you have it taped to the side of the fermenter. If you were to imbed it deeper into the liquid, it would level out quite a bit more. Also, a delta of 1? I really wouldn't worry about it. Remember beer was made before...
  5. Z

    Cool Brewing Giveaway!

    I like temp control!
  6. Z

    ska pinstripe recipe

    Cool thing about Ska is that they put a homebrew recipe for one of their beers in each of their email newsletters! I went through some of the ones I have, but alas Pinstripe is not one of the beers I have a recipe for (I have recipes for the ESB, Modus, Euphoria, and a Pumpkin ale)...
  7. Z

    Uinta Duhbe help

    Doesn't look like the recipe got onto HBT yet, but Can You Brew It did it: Just gotta listen to get the recipe
  8. Z

    my first sour recipe

    Looks good. The group lambic I was in on was ~ 30% wheat, so I think you're on track. You might consider adding 5% to 10% carapils for some dextrins to give the bugs something to eat over the long term. Aging wise, I wouldn't worry much about primary v. secondary. Total aging is going to need...
  9. Z

    1,000 posts! Time to brew something awesome.

    Looks great to me! Very similar to my Oztoberfest:
  10. Z

    No Citra? or Simcoe? Zythos

    Just dry-hopped my 100% Brett IPA with Zythos. Curious to see how it turns out!
  11. Z

    Most awesome bday present from my great wife

    I had 2 options. I could either bend the freezer element and get it flat against the wall, or take out the plastic-molded shelving in the door. So I took out the molding in the door and replaced it with some thin, flat wood. I had to replace it with something because the plastic is what keeps...
  12. Z

    Most awesome bday present from my great wife

    Sure, why not? As long as your carboy will fit. I use a dorm fridge for fermentation. I had to make some minor changes in order to get my 6.5 gal carboy to fit, but it works great!
  13. Z

    Opinions on this grain bill, for an IPA

    Yea, too much crystal will come across as sweet and overly caramel. If you're shooting for a maltier IPA, then stick to the 2-row. Munich could work well as well. I'd probably do the Victory still though. Honestly it's just nit picking at this point. I think you have a solid recipe. The...
  14. Z

    Opinions on this grain bill, for an IPA

    Looks pretty solid to me for a more malt-backed IPA. 1# if crystal is a fair amount, I might suggest backing off that a bit, maybe 3/4#? But I think you're fine either way. Since you have 2-row, I'm guessing you're doing a partial mash? I'd mash a little high, perhaps ~154F (um, ~67C for the...
  15. Z

    Robust Porter - Need help with hop profile

    Cascade will work perfectly fine in a Robust Porter. Style guidlines: "Hop aroma low to high (US or UK varieties). Some American versions may be dry-hopped." Magnum doesn't have much for flavor or aroma, it's best for being strictly a bittering hop. Also, if you are shooting for a Robust...
  16. Z

    Warrior/Cascade/Citra Barleywine??

    I think it'll work out great. Do it.
  17. Z

    temp logging/monitoring

    Great stuff bikesnbeers! Thanks for sharing! I will likely be stealing some of your code :)
  18. Z

    temp logging/monitoring

    That's the nice thing about Arduino, if it can be done, someone has done it (or done close). Check out Processing. It's specifically designed to software interface with Arduinos (or Xbees, though I haven't done it yet) and looks like Arduino code. And it makes it super easy to export a...