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    Rooibos or Honeybush mead?

    Going away for two months but planning on making a big batch of mead when I get back. Recently ordered some loose leaf rooibos. Love the stuff. Planning on getting some honeybush as well. I'm thinking of using the steeped tea as the water before fermentation but wondering if that might create...
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    Pretty Things -- Our Finest Regards

    I've enjoyed quite a few of Pretty Things' brews. This English-style barley wine is no exception. I have very little to compare it to. Have only tried one other barley wine (something at the CBC once upon a time for Greater Boston locals.) The 11.8% ABV does lend a strong alcohol flavor and some...
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    Sorbate without Sulfite?

    Is it possible to add sorbate without adding sulfite to a cider in order to prevent a restarted fermentation? Is there a reason not to do so? Thanks!
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    Aging in Growler?

    Made a cider. Nothing scientific. Bought a gallon of unfiltered, spiced cider from Trader Joe's. Added approx 1 1/2 lb of honey. Fermented in the original container. Used Lalvin D47 yeast. Cold crashing now. Any risks in aging in two growlers with twist tops for a year? Thanks!
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    How important is monitoring Ph levels?

    I'm looking to make my second batch of mead, 3 gallons of Ken Schramm's medium show mead. He says to watch and ensure a Ph level over 3.7. How important is that step? While I'm asking questions, my understanding is that if I ferment the 3 gal. batch in a 5 gal. carboy, then rack to a 3 gal...
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    New Brewer -- Aging Question

    Hello all. I'm new to all forms of brewing. Making a mead using a slightly adjusted version of the fast, cheap mead recipe at Storm the Castle: 1 Gallon of Spring Water (room temperature, do not get refrigerated) 3 pounds of honey – pure unprocessed 1 bag of balloons big enough to...