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  1. J


    Hey there, the lager that I'm doing at the momment (though not really properly lagering, since its almost summer down here and I don't have the right equipment so its mainly at the lower ale temps) had this real weird funky smell when I put it into secondary, and even coming out of the airlock...
  2. J

    Belgian-like Wit with Marmalade

    Well, I've had a good look around the forums and after the last wheat beer I made which everyone seemed to love, I thought I would be nice to make a Belgian Wit. So I went to my LHBS and there was nothing really suitable, in terms of kits and the extract costs WAY more than its worth, cos you...
  3. J

    If/When I should add lemon to Wheat Beer

    Hey there, I've decided to make a wheat beer, and this'll be my 2nd beer to date (I also did a cider, which I've sortof gotten sick of, which is why I'm turning it into apple jack :D, but I digress) Anyway, I thought that it would taste quite nice to add some lemonyness to the wheat beer, since...
  4. J

    Tubing/spigot dillema - Noob here

    Hey all, I'm not so sure where to put this, so I'm hoping this is the right place... I've got plastic barrel fermentors which have holes in the bottom for a spigot, but I was a bit forgetful when buying my 2nd one and forgot to get another spigot (which wasnt really a very big deal since my...