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  1. normonster

    Get started with all-grain the easy way (and

    I have a nice 10 gallon three vessel system at home, but lately I’ve been taking a different approach, mainly to diversify my brews and try some new styles without ending up with a full 10 gallons of each. It struck me not long ago that I really wish someone had laid it out like this for me when...
  2. normonster

    FT: 12 Pliny, ISO: 24 ZD cans or TH Julius or??

    Picked up a case of Pliny to trade (literally just purchased from the brewery 2 hours ago). Looking for 24 Zombie Dust 12oz cans, maybe Tree House Julius cans or....other outstanding brews. Never done this before but willing to take the leap of faith. How about standard MAW rules...1 year...
  3. normonster

    Bru'n Water - Check my additions?

    I’m about to adjust my water for the first time and I was hoping someone could verify what I’m doing is correct (in terms of setting up Bru’n Water for my recipe). Grain Bill: 18 lbs 2-row, 4 lbs Rye Malt, 2 lbs Crystal 10L, 1/2 lb Acid Malt Post boil batch size: 13 gallons Total Mash Water...
  4. normonster

    Mark II Keg Washer - Totally happy!!!

    I picked up a Blich Hoprocket for Christmas and decided I didn't want that extra deadspace in my system so I took it back and exchanged for a Keg Washer (and a 10th gram scale) and boy, I am really happy I did that. This thing is just great. I've had beer sitting on yeast for wayyy too long...
  5. normonster

    Smart Brew (water test kit)

    I'm hoping someone who knows can indicate whether or not this set up (combined with my ph meter) will provide adequate numbers/resolution and the needed measurements. Thanks so much in advance...
  6. normonster

    Hard Plumb - Tubing Material

    I'm about ready to hard plumb my HLT (with the intension of going through the whole rig over time). I can't seem to find any threads on this, though I'm sure they exist somewhere. Can someone point me in the right direction or make a suggestion on the proper material to do the job? SS...
  7. normonster

    I can't believe (x2)

    Ever have a double "I can't believe it" moment? ---------- I can't believe I'm actually someone's Dad....I can't believe I'm 35 and still can't believe I'm someone's Dad.
  8. normonster

    Monster Mill Hopper doesn't seem to fit

    What do you make of this:
  9. normonster

    I do not care for _ _ _ _ _

    Mariachi music blaring into the night.
  10. normonster

    Pliny Clone on sale till Monday

    From Morebeer. 15% off....not bad if you're doing double batches and has this planned already. Dry Safale 05 also on sale. Cheers!
  11. normonster

    Chiller for SS Brew Bucket ordered!

    Just ordered the chiller set up for my SS BB's. Unfortunately couldn't find the daisy-chain kit to add to my order. Might have to make one. Cost was pretty steep at $274 total. Hope it works well, though I know it will be a painting clean it. This will free up my beer fridge to be a cold...
  12. normonster

    Size of grain bill limited by BK volume

    To what extent does the volume of one's boil kettle limit the grain bill they can use? It seems that when I take into consideration all of the wort losses in my system and my maximum boil volume that I am more limited than I thought I would have been with 15 gallon kettles. For example, If I...
  13. normonster

    input on the fate of my single stage Ranco controllers

    Hi All. I have two Ranco single stage controllers. Currently I use one controller to maintain fermentation temps on my brew-fridge (the other sits idle). This is going to change soon though as I intend to fit my SS Conicals with heating and cooling capabilities and just use the fridge for...