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    Connecticut Free for local pickup

    I have not brewed for some time and am moving. I have sold off my equipment in the past but still have a few items hanging around that are available for local pick up (see pic): - Tap handles - Dip tubes - Stainless hardware for either diptube or whirlpool (5/8") - Harris #8 silver solder -...
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    Connecticut Two Bell's Brewery Tap Handles & Extras / Two Hearted Ale

    Two Bell's Brewery "shotgun" tap handles - ******SOLD ****** They are mint condition, like new. Also included if you want them, Bell's stickers plus some others.
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    Connecticut Free - Flask, Growlers, Dip Tubes, Misc Brewing

    Free - what is in photo. 2 Liter Pyrex flask, dip tubes, growlers, timer, misc. Local pick up only. Preference to whover wants everything. Located in Newtown, CT
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    Connecticut Parts For Panel / Crimpers

    **** ALL SOLD *** 2 sets of crimpers and extra ferrels - *** SOLD *** - Tool Aid ratcheting crimpers - Ferrule crimper with extra ferrules Lot of panel parts - *** SOLD *** - 15 din rail terminal blocks Include jumpers (not shown) 3 - LED 3 way switch (green) 7 - 120v 22mm pilot lights...
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    Connecticut Kegerator, Stainless 3 Tap Tower, CO2 Cylinder, NPT fittings

    *** All sold except for CO2 cylinder *** Aluminum 5 lb CO2 cylinder (full) - $50.00 - Pick up only. Includes regulator shown in pics (small drift but still usable) Expiration date: 04/20
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    Connecticut Brewing parts - Kettle, Tri-Clover, Heating Elements

    I am parting out a kettle that I had listed earlier but did not sell. Most parts are sourced from 9 gallon Bayou Classic kettle with tri-clover fittings and basket - $40 + shipping Fittings are soldered radius-faced flanges. While the solder is not cosmetically perfect...
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    Connecticut Partial Build Dual EBIAB Small Batch - 3 Gallon

    Partial Build 3 gallon dual 120v EBIAB - Panel and Kettle. I started to build a small batch ebiab system last year and never finished it. It is probably 90% complete and am selling as is, either for completion or for the parts. The control panel and kettle are sold separately, as is. If...
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    Connecticut Perlick 425ss - Two available

    *****SOLD ***** I originally owned 4 of these and sold two earlier this year and am selling the remaining two. Mint, like new condition with original boxes. $55 each shipped (usps priority) Thanks for looking!
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    Connecticut Brewing Books & Bowie Bottler

    Bowie Bottler (never used) - SOLD Includes extra o-rings. For use with Perlick 425 / 525 / 575. The original kit included the adapter and extra o-rings only. I added the tubing, wand and stopper. Books $30 + Shipping for all All in very good to excellent Corners bent on some How To Brew -...
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    Connecticut Perlick 425SS, Foodsaver, Books, Punch, Free Bottles, Misc

    2 Perlick 425SS faucets SOLD Brew Hauler $10.00 shipped Food Saver V2244 SOLD Greenlee 1 3/8" Punch Sold Corning 2L flask $10.00 - Local pickup only Weiss industrial 3" thermometer Sold Batch of ball lock keg interconnects SOLD Books $30 +...
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    Connecticut Downsizing: Additional Items For Sale

    I am downsizing and selling all my home brewing equipment. This is an updated list of an earlier posting; sold items have been removed. Priority will be given to local pickup. The kegerator that was listed is no longer for sale. Blichmann Floor Burner 80.00 If local buyer I can give you a...
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    Connecticut Downsizing: Selling all brewing gear

    I am selling all my home brewing equipment This is a partial list of what I have, with more to be listed later. Much of this cannot be shipped, so I am only selling local pick up for now. Located in Newtown Sold items have been removed from list. Blichmann Floor Burner 90.00 Kegerator with...
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    Connecticut Two Ball Lock Kegs

    SOLD I am thinning out my keg inventory and have two ball lock kegs for sale - $100 for the pair. Will ship at buyers expense. Cleaned and ready to go. I cleaned and pressurized them in January and there has been no loss of pressure. O-rings are either new or recently changed & the lid...
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    Connecticut 20 Lb CO2 Cylinder With Dip Tube / Fill Stations

    20 lb CO2 aluminum tank with siphon tube that allows you to fill other tanks. Included are fill stations to fill other CO2 tank or paintball cylinder. It is at least half full. Expires in 08/2016. Local sale only - cannot ship. $75.00
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    Connecticut Kegerator - $130

    SOLD I purchased this kegerator used several years ago and no longer need it. Originally with a single faucet 2 1/2" tower, I replaced it with a 3" two tap tower. The two faucets are unmatched - I added them after removing my Perlicks. The kegerator is clean, straight panels, and gets very...
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    Connecticut Ball Lock Kegs

    SOLD - Two ball lock kegs. Local lick up preferred but will ship Both in good clean condition as can be seen in the photos. The lid seals are silicone and the tube and post o-rings are new. There is some checkering on the rubber on one of the kegs (can be seen in photos), but it does not...
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    Connecticut Haier Kegerator

    NO LONGER FOR SALE I purchased this kegerator used several years ago and no longer need it. Originally with a single faucet 2 1/2" tower, I replaced it with a 3" two tap tower. The two faucets are unmatched - I added them after removing my Perlicks. The kegerator is clean, straight...
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    Connecticut 15 Gallon Kettle With Whirlpool Port

    SALE PENDING This 15 gallon kettle is from Spike Brewing (ver. 2), purchased last year, custom made with a whirlpool port. It probably has a dozen batches through it and is in very nice condition. It has been well taken care of. All couplers are welded. The thermometer port is at 3" from...
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    Connecticut Adjustable thermometer 5" Face / 4" Stem

    Wika TI.52. Silicone filled and NPT Threads. $30 + Shipping USPS Priority. Very high quality for industrial applications. Data Sheet:
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    Connecticut 10 Gallon Kettle with Soldered Couplings - $80.00

    I recently upgraded my boil kettle and am selling my old kettle. A megapot 10 gallon kettle with soldered fittings, originally purchased from Austin Home Brew with one weldless fitting, I have added the three soldered couplings. All three are full and 1/2" NPT. This sale includes the...