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    Stout Final Gravity way to High?

    With an extract recipe you should be able to hit 75% attenuation with most yeast if they are healthy. If you are not pitching enough yeast, or if you are not providing enough oxygen when pitching that could lead to lower numbers.
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    Low OG

    How did you crush the malt? How long did you let the mash sit @ 155. And you can probably do another round of sparging with about 2 more gallons to prevent coming up short on volume. The only other reason for no conversion would be that the malt had no enzymes available which should have come...
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    Chocolate malt comparisons

    I am brewing a porter today and the recipe calls for chocolate malt. I find a great range in Lovibond and flavor descriptions from maltster to maltster. I would really like to find a chocolate malt that has more cocoa flavor and less burnt and coffee flavors. What are your experiences...
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    Chocolate stout

    I have been doing all grain for a while. I would say you need to use a base malt for your recipes and use less of the really highly colored specialty malts. The base malt will contribute extra enzymes that help in the conversion of starch to sugar. Typically for a stout one would use about...
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    Upgrade plz.

    The crush of the grain was the issue. With the new grain mill he moved from the 65-70 range to the 75-80 range.
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    Accidentally ordered California v ale yeast.

    You should be fine. California V is the same basic strain as 1272 (Anchor Liberty) according to Mrmalty. I use it for most of my IPA and Pale recipes. I prefer it to 1056 because it tends to make for a very clear beer when treated right. Make a good starter for all gravity levels, I pitch...
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    Imperial Stout Russian Imperial Stout (2011 HBT Competition Category Winner)

    If you have beersmith you will be better off to create the recipe yourself based on your equipment and efficiency. I would share mine but I did a parti-gyle type of production. The Big beer hit 1.094 and the small beer was about 1.042. If this is what you want to do you should start a thread...
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    pitching rate by temperature

    I generally over pitch a little bit. I tend to get a pretty predictable level of esters as long as I keep the yeast healthy and the temp low. I have never really experienced any negatives from overpitching. Under pitching will be very obvious to most.
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    top 5 commercial brews...

    Ninkasi Lagunitas Ten Barrel Sierra Nevada Bridgeport Sorry if you did not make the list... I shed a tear for each brewery I could not include.
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    pitching rate by temperature

    I would definitely pitch more yeast. I assume that you are pitching low for a clean ferm. My understanding is that if the yeast do not complete the growth stage quickly before the active stage you can get increased ester formation. So I would probably pitch a little bit extra or pitch regular...
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    Northern brewer session

    My brother does an awesome pale ale with northern brewer and simcoe. SRM 7-9 og appx 1.052 IBU appx 35 Pale malt 90 % Munich 10 L 5% Caramunich 40 l 5% northern brewer at 60 for about 32 IBU 1 oz good quality simcoe @ 3 minutes If that is too malty for you; try adding a 10 minute addition...
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    airlock bubbling over!!

    Don't sweat it. You simply have an active fermentation which is better than a slow fermentation which tends to lead to tired yeast that are not predictable and create off flavors. With any beer with OG over 1.055 or so expect to get a serious amount of activity if you prepare the yeast well...
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    Headed East; Beer Recommendations please.

    The beach was pretty awesome. Very cool. Nope don't surf; Mountain bike and Motorbikes. Thanks for the help everybody.
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    Headed East; Beer Recommendations please.

    Thanks guys, if I find some time I might compile all of the suggestions so future hop heads will have a nice long list of beers to look for on the shelves.
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    Twenty Minute Flameout guys seem pretty experienced in these hoppy type techniques, ever try mash hops? I guess I might just search it.
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    Headed East; Beer Recommendations please.

    I wish. Just wanted to find other East Coast and Midwest beers that are friendly to my palate. I think my two favorite East of the rocky beers are Hopsecutioner and Two hearted.
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    Headed East; Beer Recommendations please.

    Well, after trying appx 8 east coast beers with distribution in this little town I realize how open the east is. My bro brews an IPA, Pale, and Porter that stand well against dogfishead 90, Sierra Nevada pale, and Deschuttes Black butte. Considering my experiences at pubs, restaurants and...
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    Twenty Minute Flameout

    For the record I agree. I am minimizing late boil additions in favor of flameout additons... I wait for the kettle to cool pretty dramatically, but not as much as mentioned above because I intend to have a very quick cooling time between 160 and 65 because this is the range that is susceptible...
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    American IPA My 2-time gold winning American IPA

    I would re-hydrate the yeast and make a small starter for best results.. 2cents or pitch a good healthy dose of 1056/1272. I would only use the typical priming sugar with a 3 week turnaround. There is enough suspended yeast to take care of carb. But don't expect bottle condition beer to be...
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    How snobby

    Ok... This is the first BMC I am excited to try. Margaritas are really the only mixed drink that I like. Ummm.... Love? Not sure if that statement makes me snobby or not?