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    Quantity vs quality maybe it's just me...maybe it's the area I'm in (washington state)...but we have a crapload of microbreweries popping up like mushrooms. In general I think this is good...I love variety. As I explore some of these new places I am noticing the beer is often unremarkable (yep...tastes...
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    Going semi pro

    Hi everyone! First, please forgive me if this is in the wrong forum. I am looking for input.... My soul-sucking job has kept me away from brewing (and other fun things) for too long. I am trying to find a path to my dream job...working for myself in my own shop with (among other things) my...
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    Mini Fridge Ferm Chamber question

    OK, so I got a mini fridge to use as a fermentation chamber (using it with an ST-1000 temp controller). I did a little surgery to the hump....unbolted the compressor, moved it back, then notched out the hump (about 12" wide x 4" deep). I built a partial box out of some roofing flashing and...
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    Fridge Keezer???

    I am having major keezer frustrations!! Bought an upright freezer on Craigslist, hauled it home, ran fine for a week and died. TOTALLY MY FAULT! **cautionary tale here! let that fridge/freezer stand upright for a good long while before plugging it in. no joke!** So, I am looking for another...
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    What kind of hops?

    Hi everyone! I recently moved into a house that has some hops growing in the back yard. Is there any way to tell what variety they are, or at the very least determine the AAU's? Thanks Chris
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    Budget Stir Plate

    Hello! I am very much a tinkerer. I love to build stuff and fix stuff...household stuff, cars, electrical stuff, you name it. Never used a stir plate for yeast starters before, but after seeing a number of examples on this site I knew this was definitely the way to go!! Believe it or not I...
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    Yeast bank?

    Curious how many of you keep a yeast bank? I've always thought this could be a really cool idea...good supply of "favorite" yeast strains to save on buying them each time...maybe farm some of the sludge from a bottle of a favorite commercial beer. Those of you who do this, do you have a wide...
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    Bit of a conundrum

    So, generally speaking, I am an advocate of supporting the local brick and mortar store versus buying everything online (although I do buy a ton of stuff online...often things not found at local business). The LHBS is the prime example of this. My introduction to homebrewing, sometime in the...
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    Keezer question

    So, I am trying to put a Keezer together...trying to balance budget with need and limited space. My goal is to house 3 kegs in a temp-controlled freezer that is reasonably energy efficient. I have been looking at chest freezers on Craigslist with limited success. Lots of 5 cu ft ones for...