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    Mango Habanero Beer?

    I've done it successfully in an amber ale base. I'd need to check my notes but I believe I put 5 pounds frozen chopped mangoes into the secondary along with 1 habanero cut up and soaked in a shot of vodka for a day or so (vodka went in with it). I also used citra hops for flavoring which...
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    Fermentation chamber question

    I understand haha. You can either leave it in there until you keg or bottle, or at the very least until fermentation is complete (as others have said). After you've determined fermentation is complete by way of a hydrometer, you can take it out if you want. Your best bet would be to leave it...
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    Fermentation chamber question

    Gotcha. Well, typically, you want to get your beer temperature down to it's fermentation temp when you pitch. The first few days are when the yeast is at its highest activity and are more susceptible to giving off flavors at higher temps. What's the ambient temp you usually leave the...
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    Fermentation chamber question

    No need to wait at all. Put it right into the fridge and slap the temp probe onto the outside of the bucket. Close the door and walk away. Bubbles only mean the airlock is bubbling, not that fermentation has begun or ended.
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    First Home Brew Gone Wrong.

    Fartin' Martin -> Oh Poop
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    First Home Brew Gone Wrong.

    Excellent username to post correlation.
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    Free Online Beer Chemistry Course

    Just signed up as well, xjmox14x. I've got a background in Mechanical Engineering and mathematics, but as a science nut, chemistry and biology always intrigued me as well. Should be a blast.
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    What are you doing instead of brewing this weekend?

    Going on an 8 mile hike on Catoctin Mountain, then hitting up Brewer's Alley in Frederick for lunch afterwards.
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    All Grain Brewing Process in 20 Simple Steps

    Please do. We're not making bread, we're fermenting beer. Not all ale yeast are created equal, let alone lager, bread, etc. I'm all for helping the newbies out with generalized information... but there is a difference between general and flat out wrong. Care to share proof of this? If...
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    I think this bottling wand is broken..

    I've been using the springless kind for 2 years without any problems whatsoever.
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    British Brown Ale Nut Brown AG

    1 tsp is 5ml. So 1 tsp for 5 gallons would be about 0.02 ml per bottle. no odea how many drops that would be but I ended up using around .35ml per 12 oz.
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    British Brown Ale Nut Brown AG

    FYI for those of you wondering (as I was). I wanted to make a maple nut brown so I decided to use this as a base as I've made it before and loved it. I skipped on the maple syrup as everyone typically suggests and used maple extract instead. Using a few commercial beers and a 1ml dropper I...
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    Do you know BEER???

    There's only about 20,000 people living in Palau. If they each even only drink a small amount, the per capita adds up quick... compared to the 80,000,000 living in Germany.
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    Most Awful Beer Ever Award

    I love bud light lime. Reminds me of fruit snacks. It's a great thirst quencher on the golf course. Haters gon' hate.
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    What do you do while your beer is brewing?

    I'll have a beer or two while brewing. I'm terrible with prepping the day before, so I'm usually running around getting things cleaned/sanitized while the boil is going on. That, and usually playing with my dog in the yard. She hates being inside, so it's a good time to toss some balls around.
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    Shameless Plug for Son's New Brewery

    Thank him for serving! Actually looks like a pretty good idea, and a decent starting line up for their tap room.
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    Another, what should I brew next?, thread

    Being the upper end of the fermentation range, you could do well with any number of belgians, a saison, or even a hefeweizen.
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    Hefeweizen pouring at competitions

    Probably a good idea to submit your hefe entries as fresh as possible then.
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    Effect of oxygen in boiling wort

    Stirring after flameout to cool is fine. Gentle stirring is all that is needed though and won't cause you any problems. Just don't go splashing it around and whipping it like it owes you money. After it gets below around 100 degrees you can beat the hell out of it.
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    More alcamahol means more drunk. Miller Fortune...more "craft" from bmc

    Just their target audience. Before the major craft brewing boom, most of the beers over here in America were simple light lagers with very little flavor. It's what America was buying, so it's what the sellers made. Same today. Most Americans still prefer the lighter flavored and bodied...