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    Completely Missed target OG

    Yesterday I brewed a recipe of mine that I've had great success with but completely missed the mark on the OG. Maybe someone could shed a little insight as to how I missed this? The recipe is as follows: Citrus IIPA MALT: 9.9 lbs of Briess pilsen LME 2.0 lbs of Weyermann Cara-red...
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    Frozen Beer

    Evening Gents, My roommate tossed a 6er of my grapefruit bomb IIPA in the freezer last night and forgot about them. Being at 9.0% abv, only about half the contents froze. Will this affect the taste of the beer at all? I was planning on giving these away and don't know if its going to cause...
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    Chilling wort with Ice

    I do not own a wort chiller as of right now, and I'm brewing a couple kits tonight. Usually, I just submerge my wort in a bathtub filled with cool water, and it takes about an hour to get the temp down to pitch-friendly range. I was thinking, I dilute my wort eventually anyways as I normally...
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    Newbie Sanitation Question

    Greetings guys, I recently started homebrewing and have made a few kits successfully (all extract) from northernbrewer. A couple weeks back, I got that "itch" and decided to make my own recipe and see how it went. I ended up with an IIPA with a starting grav of 1.081, expected FG...