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    100% brett lambicus hop selection

    I've got a big starter of brett L ready to go, and I'm struggling to figure out what hops to use. I'm thinking that the grist will be mostly Vienna, with some rye malt added for body and head retention. I also have a little over a pound left of wet hops (local cluster varietal called Julian...
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    WLP565 in a dark strong?

    Did a search, couldn't find an answer. I will have a cake of 565 from a saison on my hands pretty soon, and I'd like to throw a huge, dark Belgian strong ale on some of it. White Labs lists this yeast strain as a 4/4 for a dubbel, but only a 2/4 for a grand cru. Pitch on the cake and then...
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    Nail polish remover aroma

    Hi, did a search, but couldn't find a very good answer. Pitched dregs from a Supplication into a mason jar starter (OG 1.040sh) on Saturday. Monday evening, there's a tremendous amount of acetone/nail polish remover/solvent smell, which I understand to be ethyl acetate. What conditions...
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    Rye wine partigyle

    I'm in the mood to do something a little wierd. I'm doing a rye-heavy barleywine/saison partigyle. 63% 17.75 lbs 2 row 32% 9 lbs Rye Malt 5% 1.25 lbs Crystal 20 (Any thoughts on the need for crystal? The rye malt I will be using is 4L) Bittered to ~60 IBU with american...