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    to repitch or not to repitch, that is the question

    It will rouse up the yeast a good amount. I have actually had a Krausen layer form in secondary on batches that did drop to final gravity. If it does not work then just pitch more in the secondary.
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    to repitch or not to repitch, that is the question

    Once you rack to secondary good chance the fermentation will start up alittle again.
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    Surlyfest Clone?

    Its all sterling hops, so use sterling if your cloning it! Here is a recipe that im going to try
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    English Porter Black Pearl Porter (AG)

    I put this recipe into beersmith and the ibu's seem well below style. I am getting 6.8 and I am new at beersmith so I doing something wrong? Thanks!
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    Hop Head Double IPA Problem

    Its a great beer, the only thing I didn't like was the leaf hops and not pellet. The just floated at the top and I think only half make good contact. Other than that it was a great beer, that was till I ruined it!
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    Hop Head Double IPA Problem

    Ok, I did a batch of this double ipa from midwest supplies. Everything thing went great brewing, fine through the fermentation. When I was done with the secondary i transferred it to my new keg. When I tasted it from the secondary it was amazing and was a hop bomb. Even warm and flat it was...
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    Sound off: Commercial beer you're digging

    Surly Furious by far the best Ive ever had! Lucky i live in Minneapolis so i can get it anytime.
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    Hops Scare IPA kit change

    I got this kit today from midwest supplies. I want to make sure the ipa finishes with a good amout of grapefruit flavor. The hops schedule is .75 yakima magnum 60m .5oz amarillo 30m .5oz amarillo 15m 2.0oz Cascade 5m I was wondering if I change the cascade to only 1oz and add the other...
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    1.70 OG, smak pack... Starter question

    I just pitched a wyeast german ale into a oktoberfest with a gravity of 1.068 and it is fermenting like crazy! It was the same it said not for over 1.060 but it still worked
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    After bottling, straight to cold temp or keep at room temp?

    Ok, so everyone says condition at room temp for 3 weeks but what do you do when you are kegging beer. That gets put into the keg and then put in the fridge right away. Please explain!
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    I have a stupid question

    Thanks guys that helps alot, and yes the og was 1.050. Thanks!
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    I have a stupid question

    I am trying to fiqure out the alcohol content of my beer. My final gravity is 1.012 which is where it should be but the spec sheet says that the final garvity should be 1.012 and the alcohol should be 4.5 to 5%. On the hydrometer for a content of 5% the gravity should be 1.032. Am i missing...
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    Help with some advice

    it a kit for a corona recipe from midwest supplies. I thought it was strange to!
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    Help with some advice

    I bought a mexican cervesa kit today from my homebrew store and the guy there said to add 1 liter of tonic water in place of some of the regular water. He felt this is what was missing from the kit. Does this sound right! Thanks
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    Help with color of amber ale

    no its the same color and cloudiness all the time. It was just bottled and I used all brown bottles but also used 2 clear bottles, just to see what was going on with the beer. Its not even close to clear.
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    Help with color of amber ale

    I have made a batch of brewers best american ale. It is now in bottles but is very red and very cloudy. So cloudy that you cant even see thru the beer in the hydrometer tube. It taste great but was wondering why it does this. I am trying to make something similar to Sam adams boston ale. It...
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    I think I might have a problem

    I just made my first batch of beer about a week and half ago. When I was brewing it I made the wort and got it into the fermentor. I filled it to the line with water. I just found out today that the 6.5 gallon bucket I have is actually a 5 gallon so the line is at 4 gallons. This means my batch...