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    Sanitized my carboy a few months ago, sealed with baggie

    I would of sanatized it again just to be sure...
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    ph meter readings

    there is a varience in measured ph at room and mash temp. What are those? Is it .3 high at mash temp, or .3 lower? Then what it would be if measured at room temp.
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    EZ Water Calculator 3.0

    I am glad I came across this thread, I used EZ several times and was still trying to wrap my head around why it did not seem to agree with palmers SRM nomograph. Thanks
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    EZ Water Calculator 2.0

    for those of you that use the ez calculator. According to palmers nomograph my water is best used for something around 10 srm. In making a stout I was thinking of using the nomograph to figure out what additions I need to make to get my "base" water profile to the appropriate levels for the...
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    EZ Water Calculator 2.0

    I have a question kind of pertaining to this spreadsheet and the subject. When I brought the spread sheet to another brewers attention. And said that after testing my results compared to the sheet, and it was accurate. He then stated that it did not account for water ph adjustment. I am...
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    adding fruit and or fruit juice to the secondary

    I have a wheat bubbling a way and plan on adding some passion fruit juice to the secondary tomorrow. My thoughts were to boil any fresh fruit or fresh juice that I add, just to get the nasties out. The first time I did this with a partial raspberry and blueberry ale. I just tossed the thawed...
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    reading a hydrometer and hydrometer vs. refractometer

    I have recently read we should read from the highest water line. Totally not what I have been doing for the longest time. Also wonder what is there pros and cons using a refractometer vs. a hydrometer? thanks