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    selling brewery and kegerator birmingham al. area

    Selling all grain brewery and kegerator. 10 gal igloo cooler mash lauter tun with mesh bottom.2 carboys, turkey fryer, stainless steel boiling pot I forget how many qts. but It handles six or so gallon boils easily. All the misc. stuff also.Kegerator hold 2 corney kegs. Pm me if intersted. I am...
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    Airlock Troubles/Questions

    Maybe thats why your airlock doesnt bubble, with a 7500 psi gauge mine wouldn't either
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    Airlock Troubles/Questions

    I don't know if apfelwein puts of as much co2 as beer but I have never had an airlock not bubble with beer. Not trying to argue with revvy just my experience. But really get a hydrometer.
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    Irish moss?

    I noticed this was your first post if your brewing extract there is no need for irish moss
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    IPA gone wrong-- I think it's got mold. Salvageable?

    revvy forgive them we know you are not a post whore
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    not your every day infection question

    I bet you wont be able to tell the difference between them
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    Any SEWAGE-rs next weekend?

    comma comma
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    I hate my job. . .

    be true to ur self
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    did u really have to curse god to get a keg???????
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    American Wheat - thick mouthfeel, low FG

    wheat beers always have more mouth fill to me.with 1.008 I doubt you had alot of unfermentables.
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    How about an Homebrew Forum competition?

    Cheese we dont pay u to think now do we? wait we dont pay u I think it was a good idea
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    First all grain brew this past weekend

    congrats, I agree with noobrich I like to have a very hardy boil.
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    It's time . . .

    comma sause comma
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    Guess My Avatar

    herman hesse you didnt put a dead line on it!!!! up grade me!!!!
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    First All Grain, Done!

    let me know how it turns out not knockin u always interested in improving
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    First All Grain, Done!

    good job! hope all turns out well. not sure pro rest is ness. hefes are naturally cloudy. but let me know if it helps with the taste then i will give it a try
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    About finished

    yea u really cant tell a whole lot about it from that unless some thing really bad happened if it tasted ok then you are on track for some really good beer congrats
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    Al Gore to address Congress

    i was going to jump in but its to hot here!
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    Happy St. Patty's Day!!

    happy st patricks and rdwj thats sick