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  1. K

    Help with Imperial A24

    I will be making a NEIPA using Imperial A24 Dry Hop. Anyone who has used this, can you share what temps really let this yeast shine in a NEIPA?
  2. K

    Butternut Squash Porter- seeking advice

    Planning on doing a simple Porter with slightly smoked and roasted butternut squash. I'm not planning on using any spices, so it isn't really a play on the pumpkin beer craze. Just wondering if anyone has any experience using butternut squash and can give some advice on how much to use and the...
  3. K

    Belgian Tripel Score Sheet

    I just got back the results from a Belgian Tripel entered into a competition. I'm not complaining about the score(30.5), I know it wasn't perfect. My main issue is with some of the comments. Both score sheets mentioned a lack of alcohol taste. One judge even checked the Solvent box on the...