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  1. adempsey10

    IPA to Rye IPA

    After many failed attempts to brew a good IPA I finally got it down and I'm really satisfied with it. My next experiment will be to move on to a Rye IPA (my favourite). I'm hoping that rather than concoct a completely new recipe I can modify my current IPA recipe to include the rye grain. I was...
  2. adempsey10

    Priming Sugar and Yeast

    Yes. Of course. I wasn't asking for any real world application but just so I could better understand how it all works.
  3. adempsey10

    Priming Sugar and Yeast

    "or cold crash the fermenter to drop most of the yeast prior to bottling." Ah. That makes sense. Thanks.
  4. adempsey10

    Priming Sugar and Yeast

    A few general questions about force carbing and bottle priming to help me understand the dynamics of yeast and bottling. Part 1: So the premise of using priming sugar is to take advantage of the yeast still in suspension in the beer. So when those remaining yeast chow down on my priming...
  5. adempsey10

    Hop Bombs

    Question about hops in fermenter and the effect on fermentation process. I love hoppy IPAs. I wish my beer could taste exactly the way hops smell. That being said, with my IPA recipes I add a significant amount of flavour and aroma hops in the last 20-30min of boil (including a dump at...