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    Whirlpool ED27DQ question on coolant lines

    Greeting All, I've converted a Whirlpool ED27DQ side by side to a 3 tap kegerator. I just got a new regulator with dual gauges so I can run different pressures to diff kegs if desired. I'd like to keep the CO2 and gauges on the outside of fridge to store more beer inside and keep gauges from...
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    Pleiades Honey Platinum Blonde Bombshell....what do you think?

    This recipe is big for a non IPA. 7 lb 10 oz 2 row, 1 lb honey malt, 5 lbs honey, 1 oz German Mandarina Bavarian hop for 60 min to bitter, 1 oz same hop for 1 minute for aroma. Mash efficiency extremely high, 7.5 gallon preboil at 1.040, after boiling with honey addition at 45 minute mark, 6...
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    Drip tray magnet mount...using driptray holes??

    Hello everyone, I was eyeballing a 14 x 6 wall mounted drip tray that had holes to hang on screw. Has anyone tried attaching the tray with machine screws and nuts to the earth magnets instead of gluing magnets to tray? I'm thinking if the screws were a tad loose, the tray could be...
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    Cleaning new keg set up

    I've been using the same old picnic tap forever and recently invested in the equipment to make a 3 tap keggerator from a fridge. Do I have to preclean the ball lock fittings, faucets, shanks, and hoses, or just run sanitizer though system via keg with some starsan ? Thanks
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    Ultra Barrier keg beverage tubing, 3/16 X 7/16 or the silver coated stuff?

    Hello everyone, Finally replacing picnic taps with perlick 650ss in a side by side for 3 kegs. Obviously need to get some new tubing. Does a homebrewer with a fairly short hose need the silver antimicrobial tubing or will the barrier hose be fine. Also for those using the silver coated...
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    Cold Crashing, or should I say Cold Easing?

    I converted an old fridge into a fermentation chamber with the help of an inkbird temp controller. Dialed the fermentation temp to 67 and let the batch sit for 3 weeks. Great stable temps even with the fridge on back poolpatio with 90 plus temps in afternoon. Adjusted temp control to 38 on...
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    Fresh mango ratio for apple cider

    Greeting From Florida, Decided to make a 2 gal batch of apple cider with some fresh mangoes added. Can someone give me an idea of many lbs of cut up mango to add to 1.5 gallon of apple juice for a noticeable but not overpowering flavor? Planned on adding .5 gal of water to the cut up or...
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    How long can starsan stay in keg?

    Morning gang, After a 4 year break from brewing I'm back in the game. The hiatus was unintentional, stuff happens and things got hectic. Anyways, my latest batch is cold crashing and I'm ready to keg and realize I had left a working solution of starsan in the kegs after cleaning them. Would...
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    Coleman Extreme5 mash tun

    Afternoon all, The Coleman Extreme 5 50 qt cooler looks like it would make a great mash tun, but the drain is at an angle. Has anyone used this cooler before, and how did you address teh angled drain? The barbed fitting on the 3/8 inch valve will hit the surface of the table if not at...
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    electric brew design help

    Greetings all, I made a 1650 W 120 V heatstick last year and it works fine to heat the mash water. The only temp control for the heatstick now is an inline switch to shut off when temp gets too high. My goal this year is to put a 5500 watt 240 element in my 50 qt pot for boiling, and also...
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    bulkhead fitting sucking air on the inside?

    Evening all, Installed a 1/2" ss bulkhead fitting from bargain fittings today on a 50 qt Winco aluminum pot. I ordered the set up w/ the soldered washer and installed as instructed. I have no leaks on the outside of the pot, but the pot quits draining when the ss coupling is half...
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    Food Grade Silicone Sealant for Brew Stuff

    Greetings Everyone, I've perused threads from several boards regarding silicone for mash tuns, heat sticks, etc. Just wanted to share my research for my heatstick project. I was looking for a product that was not corrosive to any metals I was using in the heatstick ( many food grade...
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    Wire a switch to a heat stick?

    Please excuse what may sound like a dumb question, but what is the proper way to wire a switch to a heat stick? I bought a weather proof box and a weatherproof cover w/ a switch. The switch has a ground screw for the green wire, and the single gang box that the switch goes into has a green...
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    Heatstick power cord

    While at Harbor freight getting some stuff, I noticed 12 gauge extension cords. A 10 footer for 9.99 and a 25 footer for 19.99. The cover on the cord seems kinda thin...looks like you can see the bumps of the 3 wires under the cover. Exactly how my 100 ft extension cord looks after many years...
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    Bargain has really fast service

    Ordered some goodies from on Friday and here it is in my 'project pile' today! Hats off to the folks at Bargain fittings.
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    Pot Dimensions: are inside or outside given in specs?

    Evening Everyone, I'm upgrading my brew set up a bit at a time and have been looking at pots this week. One question I have is the diameter measurements. I am looking at the winware 40 qt aluminum pot which states 14-3/5 diameter and a wall thickness of 3/16. Any idea if the dimensions the...
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    any issues with elements mounted in aluminum pots?

    Morning All, Slowly converting to an electric set up and plan on upgrading my boil pot from the 30 qt aluminum turkey fryer pot to something a bit larger(like 40 or 50 qt) that I'll install a 3 piece stainless ball valve and side pick up tube first, then down the road install a 220 v element...
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    GFI compatability

    I've a Square D subpanel w/out gfi. I read about getting a spa panel from home depot, but all I see on the website is a GE or Eaton make. Anyone know if those gfi breakers will fit a square D panel? If not, I guess I'd have to install the spa panel in the shed and feed it from my shed...
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    future brew shed wire questions

    Afternoon All, I have a shed that I plan on on using as 'homebase' for electric brewing in the future. I have about 50 feet of #6 wire ( 4 separate pieces of solid core insulated)running from a 40 amp breaker in the house subpanel through conduit to a 120/240 subpanel in the shed. I...
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    temperature control for a heatstick

    Evening all, Just ordered a low density 1650 watt 120 volt heater element from Amazon and plan on making a heat stick for mash and brewing ( to augment the jet burner I use for boiling now.) What is the least expensive method of setting up temperature control for a heat stick so I can dial...