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  1. J

    First keg set up. A few questions.

    A few questions that I couldn't find specific answers to; Do I need to clean/rinse brand new beer lines with more than just an oxiclean and hot water flush? Is oxiclean ok to clean beer lines with? I assume beer line cleaner has the added benefit of removing mineral deposits. I don't have...
  2. J

    Use tube to drain wort to brew kettle?

    I read a comment on /r/homebrewing today saying that it's advisable to use a tube to drain pre-boil wort to a kettle to minimize oxidation. My understanding is that oxidation is not a concern pre-fermentation, but the user asserted that it is, indeed a concern for pre-boil wort (but is ok and...
  3. J

    Vinegar smell in carboy

    I used a vinegar solution to rinse my carboys after they had been soaking with oxiclean. I then filled the carboys with water, dumped it, then let it air dry. They now, however, still have a lingering smell of vinegar. Should I even bother trying to get the rest of the smell out? Will it...