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    Glycol chiller

    Hey everyone I just wanted to reach out to anyone who is considering purchasing a glycol chiller. I bought a brand new never used SS brewtech 1/3 HP chiller from a friend of mine. He bought it brand new from SSbrewtech and never used it after he moved. He had it in storage for over a year and I...
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    Blichman riptide

    I’m still looking to buy that elusive blichman riptide pump if anyone has one for sale
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    Blichman riptide

    I’ve obtained the therminator I was looking for. Now id just love to have a blichman riptide pump. Thanks In advance
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    Therminator and riptide pump

    Looking to purchase a blichman therminator and riptide pump
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    As brewtech mash tun

    I’m looking to purchase a SS brewtech mashtun with recirculating port
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    Best homebrewing app for iPhone

    I just recently got back into homebrewing. I’m sure this has been asked but what is everyone’s favorite iPhone compatible homebrewing app?
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    I am a new home brewer and just recently bottled my first 5 gallon batch. I followed the instructions when it comes to bottling and poured the priming sugar solution into my bottling bucket then siphoned the beer on top of it. My question is wont majority of that sugar go into the first several...
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    Is my fermentation done?

    I brewed and extract with specialty grains autumn amber ale over 3 weeks ago. 10 days in the primary, and 2 weeks in secondary. i got a fairly high og of 1.050 and checked my gravity today and got 1.010. I wouldn't think it will get any lower than that but there airlock is still bubbling...
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    Keg but no refrigerator to carb it in?

    I am new to homebrewing. I have a keg but no refrigerator to put it in for force carbonation. Everything I read says to put your keg in the refrigerator and put the pressure on either 30-40 psi for one day then 20 the next day then put it to serving pressure. Since I don't have a refrigerator...
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    Compact Refrigerator for Kegerator?

    I am a new homebrewer but am looking into making my own kegerator. I want to use a compact refrigerator because it will be portable when I leave for college. I have seen some built on youtube and it seems like any 4.6 cubic ft compact refrigerator would work for this purpose. Does anyone have...
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    Im a new home brewer and am currently only doing extract brews but have looked at doing partial mashes. Is beersmith worth the investment for doing only extract brews or should i just check out some of the free ones? I've used qbrew but it is tethered towards mr beer or appears to be. Anyone...
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    Sam adams noble pils

    Does anyone have a recipe for this beer. It would have to be extract as I am an extract brewer but I just love this beer