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  1. desertbronze

    Cooper's dry yeast for an imperial stout

    I will be brewing an imperial stout (OG 1.100) in the next couple of weeks. I am considering using Cooper's dry yeast for fermentation. My LHBS sells this yeast in 15 gram packs. I've used it for some pale ales and I'm satisfied with its flavor and performance. Have you used this yeast...
  2. desertbronze

    Aging beer in a wine barrel

    A guy in my homebrew club has a source for used oak wine barrels. We discussed doing a group brew and then aging the beer in said barrel. Looking for some input on this from some brewers who have done this. Looks like we will be brewing an imperial stout. Would you use a barrel that had...
  3. desertbronze

    No chill in a corny keg?

    I have been fermenting in corny kegs for over a year now. I like it and it seems to work well for me. I'm wondering if any one has tried no-chill brewing in a corny. Every thread I read lists plastic as the fermenter material. I can't see why this technique would not work in a corny as well.
  4. desertbronze

    Anybody built a hop plug press?

    I built a little hop plug press from some plastic pipe. Used a steel rod as a ram to compress the hops. Only one problem - the plugs are very difficult to remove from the pipe once they are compressed. Just wondering if anyone else has built a plug press? Any difficulty removing the plugs?
  5. desertbronze


    I harvested Cascade, Centennial, Magnum and Mt. Hood hops over the last three weeks. Yields were a little less than expected, but that's ok. Had the usual ants, earwigs and ladybugs along with the cones. Started harvesting Chinook last Saturday and finished Sunday (yesterday). Noticed a few...
  6. desertbronze

    Dry hopping with Summit?

    I just dry hopped two kegs with one ounce of Summit pellet hops in each. Have you dry hopped with Summit? Any grassy flavors? How long did you leave the hop bag in the beer? Thanks.
  7. desertbronze

    Cold crashing yeast

    I racked some fermented beer to a keg to cold crash the yeast (US-05). Is it necessary to rack again to a serving keg? What if I want to force carbonate using the shake method? Seems like the shaking would put the yeast back in suspension. Thanks for your advise.
  8. desertbronze

    Kudos to MidCountry Malt

    My local brew club recently ordered a pallet of grain (40 bags) from MidCountry Malt. NAYY. Canada Malting two row around $35 - BestMalz Munich around $44 - Baird's Maris Otter around $48 - for 55 lb. bags delivered to Idaho. One bag was missing from the order - called them up and they sent it...