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    Oddly enough I had already read that post you just linked to as well as watched that video. I'm sorry if I didn't know that your not allowed to ask a question that has already been answered here. I'm sure that if this wasn't the internet I would have been whipped and publicly humiliated...
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    I was actually going for 4 weeks minimum. You know how it is....I had to try one:D I expected it to be a bit unfinished (yet not green) but I expected leas some. After posting I grabbed another bottle and poured more aggressively (down the center rather than gently down the...
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    Sort of like adults getting annoyed with kids doing the same things they did when they were younger huh? Is that right or is it just getting to a point where you think you are better or more knowledgeable, wise or a step above? Tenure shouldn't breed impatience. You see things like this when...
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    I didn't make a starter. I thought 1056 was pretty much a workhorse. Beersmith suggests storing at 52....go figure. I haven't put the heat on in my basement because I thought it would be too warm (75 degrees). I just rolled the bottles...oddly enough I see no sediment on the bottom. When I...
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    The temp has dropped around here. the bottles are stored at around 62-65 degrees. That is what the brew fermented at...well it was warmer then..65-68
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    Carbonation that was more or less what I was looking for. The higher gravity would warrant more time? Not that it just "won't' carbonate (due to 1056 not having the oomph so to speak), it just needs time? I thought carbonation happened pretty quick and it was conditioning or the leveling out of...
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    Ok, my mistake about the woman/man issue:o But my post stands. I have been around forums for many years on many different subjects. I am very aware of the search function and use it extensively. "Sometimes" I can't find exactly what I am looking for and other times I am looking for something a...
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    Yea how could I have missed it. :confused: On the many forums I've been on I seem to notice that there are always those who sit and wait, like vultures, to pounce of anyone who makes a mistake or rubs them the wrong way. I can never understand why they act like woman and speak in sarcastic...
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    How long should it take to carbonate a brew? Generally my batches have carbonated withing 10 days although taking longer to condition and taste good. My current batch has been bottled for 13 days and although it tastes great, has no carbonation or head. OG was 1.088 and FG was 1.022. yeast=...
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    What is be best way to cool your wort?

    I do a 3 gal boil and have been able to successfully cool the wort down to 80 degrees withing 30 minutes using ice and water. I fill the sink with ice and water and put the pot in and add ice as needed. It helps to stir it once and awhile to get the hot wort in the middle to the outside of the...
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    Full or partial boil?

    Cooling is a definite consideration. Do you have the means to cool 5 gals of water?
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    High Gravity Ale Questions

    When I dry hop I use a hop bag (sanitized) with some fishing line attached (sanitized) to be able to retrieve the bag as well as to set it somewhere in the middle of the brew. I sanitize some marbles to add to the bag to help sink it. Problem: hops swell and it is sometimes tricky getting the...
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    High Gravity Ale Questions

    I don't think hops would raise your OG. More malt or fermentables would. That would also raise the ABV. But with an OG of 1.090 you may be looking at an over 9% ABV anyway. I used Wyeast American 1056
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    My birthday is coming up - want recommendation

    I don't have a suggestion but I'd like to say that since it's your B-day it gives me an excuse to drink!!!:D :drunk: Yay!!! Happy Birthday :tank:
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    Five gal boil in a ten gal pot?

    Has anyone done a five gallon boil on their stove using a 10 gallon pot (or how about the next size smaller?)? Is a ten gal too wide for the burner perhaps?
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    High Gravity Ale Questions

    I just brewed what I am calling a double IPA. I just kind of winged it though (with the help of Beersmith) and didn't ask questions before doing it. I did that purposely because I wanted this to be my own experiment and recipe without anyone's influence or cause for me to second guess or make...
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    First brew in the fermenter.. What to Expect?

    That sounds like a hot break.
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    green mossy stuff ruined my beer

    When did you notice bottling time, shortly after starting fermentation, days, a week?
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    Too much head space?

    I don't have an answer but your post did peak my curiosity. I have to assume your primary fermenter was a plasitc bucket? Only because if it was a 6 gal carboy...didn't you notice that your secondary carboy was the same size when side by side?:D :drunk:
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    Importance of priming sugar amount.

    Hi, For my most recent batch I used beersmith to help me but didn't take into consideration its advice on priming sugar. For every batch I've made thus far I have added the standard 3/4 cup (at times I put the whole 5 oz bag) and left it at that. Palmer, Papazian, any kits I have purchased...