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  1. SailorJerry

    Kettle Peach Sour?

    Ok, we have crates of peaches in at our local store, and we are having a crazy idea of trying to make our first kettle sour, and then use the peaches in infuse some more flavor. However, I have no idea how to make a sour, never tried making one, but I love drinking them. Can someone, anyone...
  2. SailorJerry

    Small c02 and picnic tap?

    Anyone have a link to a small c02 and picnic tap that will allow us to serve out of a carbonated keg outside of our keezer? Say for small one day get togethers and doesn't make us take the whole kegerator?
  3. SailorJerry

    BlackBerry wheat lacking flavor

    Hey everyone. My buddies and I biab, made the wheat beer that is attached to this post with a can of vintners BlackBerry puree. Batch 1, last year, was nothing short of great. This batch, now with RO water and a bit of gypsum, lacks flavor. Beer looks good, smells good, but has no real...
  4. SailorJerry

    NEIPAs got for Toppling Goliath and other locals

    Looking for beer. Other half, monkish, treehouse, trillium, whatever. Several guys know I'm good to trade with. Let me know what you've got
  5. SailorJerry

    Water Test

    Alright, @brandtrepair sent a sample of his well water off to Ward laboratories, and, well, we don't know crap about water chemistry. Below is what they found. What can you tell us about this? We make a lot of IPAs, NEIPAs, and pale ales. Want to test our hand at this water chemistry stuff...
  6. SailorJerry

    Jalapeno Beer - Questions

    Alright, we've been asked to make a jalapeno beer, which we've never attempted. I'm debating what I think a good base for this beer would be and am looking for opinions or recipes or input of any kind, essentially. Do you just make something light like Cream of 3 Crops or do you go with an IPA...
  7. SailorJerry

    Electric BIAB Questions

    So, my buddy and I both brew, and we typically do our brew days together. Currently, we both have 10 gallon pots, bags, and make 5 gallons at a time. Here is what I'm interested in, and I'm curious (I didn't see any posts about one) if it's possible. So, let's say we move up to making 10 or...
  8. SailorJerry

    Grain Mill recommendations

    Alright, what does everyone here recommend on the grain mill side of things? We do BIAB, 5 gallons at a time, hopefully scaling that up in the near future to 10-15 gallon batches. Any upgrades or DIY stuff that we can do so we can hook a drill up to it would be grreeeaaaat. Thanks!
  9. SailorJerry

    First DIPA Recipe - Input?

    Here is what I'm looking at, trying to keep it under 9% abv, FG isn't as low as I wanted it to be, but abv seems right. Hops look ok?
  10. SailorJerry

    Blackberry Puree addition??

    Hey guys, my wife had my pick up a large can of Blackberry Puree, brewers best I want to say, but I don't know off hand. What I'm curious of is when the best time to add this is, assuming in a secondary? Thinking of making a variation of the cream of 3 crops with a little of the puree, and...
  11. SailorJerry

    Pale Ale BIAB

    Thoughts on this? Too basic? Going to do several of these simple grain bill beers with different hops, SMaSH essentially, to get an idea of what each hop brings to the table. This will be a 5 gallon BIAB brew in a 10 gallon pot. Beersmith didn't kick me out water volumes, which sucks. Any...
  12. SailorJerry

    Electric BIAB

    Hey everyone, looking to move from propane to electric BIAB. Looking for recommendations for 110 and 220v options. We currently do 5 gallon batches in a 10 gallon pot. Thoughts? Input?
  13. SailorJerry

    Brew stand and burner

    Any burner recommendations? Currently doing 5 gallon BIAB in a 10 gallon Bayou SS pot. We are using a generic burner like one would get for frying fish from Cabelas. Would want to be able to move to a 20 gallon pot and 10 gallon batches at some point....maybe.
  14. SailorJerry

    Water report

    Is this good, bad, or ugly? We are just moving to 5 gallon BIAB so I figured we'd complicate it a bit more and look at water chemistry. Thoughts?
  15. SailorJerry

    Secondary vessel options?

    Alright, so I've read that we aren't supposed to secondary in our white plastic buckets. So, I'm curious what everyone recommends? I've seen some negatives about the big mouth bubbler, so I'm not sure I want to go that way. We are moving to BIAB in a 10 gallon pot, making 5 gallon batches...
  16. SailorJerry

    Apple Cider with Fresh Apples?

    Hey everyone We have about 8 apple trees and it's getting to that time of the year that we are going to start picking and processing those apples (apple pies, apple butter, applesauce), and I'm thinking hard cider. But....but, I have no idea how to do it. Can someone give me a run down on...
  17. SailorJerry

    BIAB Bags

    Need one for a 10 gallon pot, I know everyone recommends buying them from the guy that sells them on here, but I can't find him or his information. Help? :)
  18. SailorJerry

    House Party / Need recommendations

    Hey everyone. So, as fall is rapidly approaching, we are thinking of throwing a little pre-harvest party (we're in farm country), and I want ideas on what to brew. I'd light the smoker, make some pulled pork and maybe some ribs or something. We'd have guests bring some beer/liquor of their...
  19. SailorJerry

    Session IPA / Input Please

    Alright, here is what I came up with. I'm not sure what you consider "session", but most that I see are sub 5% ABV, which this is. Just wanting opinions or ideas/updates to the recipe. HOME BREW RECIPE: Title: CG Session IPA Author: SailorJerry Brew Method: Extract Style Name: American IPA...
  20. SailorJerry

    Keezer Build

    Alright, so we're new to this, and I'm hoping for some insight and guidence along the way! We picked up at Mana Freezer, Model C70DW A0 I have no idea on the cubic feet, but I know it will hold 3 of our 5 gallon kegs. I'm wanting to take the lid off, add a collar to have our taps in, and...