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  1. nikkormat

    Beer magazine:who has a subscription, I need a recipe from a couple issues ago

    hey guys, just wondering if anyone has a subscription and what i think would be last months issue handy. the only issue I have, the one with all the homebrew stuff in it, I left at my place and now I'm at the folks' for thanksgiving and my mom had been wanting me to bring it so she could make...
  2. nikkormat

    Partial-Mash help: Double IPA

    okay, so for my second brew I'm going for a double IPA. my problem is this: I was taught two ways to do a partial mash, one for 2.5+# of grain, the other for under 2.5#. like an idiot, not paying attention to what my grain weight actually was (3.5#), I tossed my grain (in a sack) into 3 gal of...