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  1. Jmoney

    Goseface Killah

    Much like the IPA craze in years past, it seems to me that everyone and their momma's making a gose these days. I suppose that's good to get the sour word out but quite frankly I think most of them suck. I admit I'm a snob, but I like my gose to be real sour...yes that may not be true to...
  2. Jmoney

    looking for empty Enjoy By 04.20.13

    was looking for an empty bottle of the 04.20.13 enjoy by - has sentimental value. happy to purchase or trade for an empty bottle(s) or any other merchandising related to this release. (clarify: I would trade you something non-empty)
  3. Jmoney

    American IPA Sea Raven IPA

    6# extra light DME steeping grains (30 min @150-155F) 1.25# Crystal 10L 1.00# Carapils 8 oz. Caravienne 60 min boil: 0.5 oz. German Magnum 0.5 oz. Warrior 0.25 oz. Columbus 0.25 oz. Northern Brewer 30 min boil: 0.5 oz. Crystal 0.25 oz. Centennial 0.25 oz. Simcoe 1/4 tsp...
  4. Jmoney

    sanitizing bottle caps

    Hi, I am relatively new to brewing but had a question that I could not find the answer to on a search of this forum. not asking whether or not to sanitize the caps, but if anyone had noticed any problem with using onestep to do so. a run-down of my problem: brewed an irish red, and bottled...