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  1. sammy33

    March '14 Photo Contest - Brewing Ingredients

    This months topic is Brewing Ingredients. Entry extended until April 15th! Examples: Grain Extract Hops Yeast Use your creativity. Do something interesting but stay on the theme of brewing ingredients. Note we are not limited to just beer since HBT also covers wine, mead and sake. Again stay on...
  2. sammy33

    Induction Brewing - 2.5g with Recirculation

    I was inspired by some other threads on HBT to try induction brewing. I got the idea of adding a recirculation system to a kettle like the Bayou Classic and using a Mirage Cadet induction cooktop from Vollrath. Kind of a hybrid of the EBIAB system like the one from High Gravity Brew minus the...
  3. sammy33

    Brewdemon Conical?

    Anyone ever use one of these? Brewdemon 3g Conical I usually do small batches with my 3g Better Bottle so this little conical looks interesting. Wondering how hard it would be to add a valve to the bottom to harvest yeasties?
  4. sammy33

    BIAB Kettle Build - Sight Glass and Spigot Combined?

    I am getting one of these Bayou Classic 44qt steamer kettles with the basket and a spigot for a BIAB setup. I would like to add a sight glass and a better spigot to the existing weld like this: I don't foresee any problems with this but wanted to bounce the idea around here to see what...
  5. sammy33

    Stumbling Parrot Brewery - New Label

    First design. :cool:
  6. sammy33

    Mini Fridge Fermentation Chamber for 2.5g Batches

    I have had a 3.1 cu. ft. mini fridge in use as a beer fridge for a while. I decided to convert it to a fermentation chamber for small 2.5g batches. The 3g Better Bottle fits the height no problem (with an airlock) but the door shelves get in the way of closing the door. Time for some DIY...