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  1. brehuh

    New York Plate Chiller DudaDiesel $100

    Selling my 40 plate heat exchanger, used for around 10 brews. Selling for 100 plus shipping
  2. brehuh

    Upright keezer build

    Here are a few pictures of my keezer build, thanks for the inspiration JonW. I was going to get the same freezer that Jon used but, I was able to find this Kenmore elite floor model for $850. I spent more so I would be able to be in our dining room. The result was better than expected, it looks...
  3. brehuh

    3 gallon corny kegs - price check + interest

    I have some ball lock 3 gallon cornys and I looking to part with, I have had them for a while work great, new seals and clean. I am not sure what they go for and I can only find them new for 120 ish. What would be a fair price? I need to fund my brewing!
  4. brehuh

    Year old hops, still good?

    I got a lb of cascade pellet hops last summer and I weighted them out, put them in little zip top bags, and stored them in the freezer. I opened a bag up tonight and noticed a little funky smell (not overwhelming) and the normal hop smell. I know if they turn brown and/or smell like stinky...
  5. brehuh

    Need some help with hop garden

    I am in need of a more permanent hop garden and need a little advice. I was thinking of putting four 12'-14' - 4"x4" posts and making an "archway" of sorts. I can not do anything super hard to remove, since one half of the archway will be on the regulating districts land. I am going to put wire...
  6. brehuh

    Carboy cleaner vs Clean Bottle Express Carboy Brush

    Does anyone one have experience with these products, any pros and cons of each?
  7. brehuh


    I have a question for the more voltage savvy members. At my parent's house in upstate NY we lose power a lot. My parent's bought a generator at a military auction and got a 60,000 kilawatt generator and built an incloser for it. There is no automatic turn on for it so we turn it on when we lose...
  8. brehuh

    Immersion Chiller

    I have a 30 foot immersion brewVint chiller but now I am doing 10 gallon batches. I think it's going to be a slow cool down, should I either get a larger chiller, if so how big, or should I get a pre-chiller? I am a little strapped for cash since I just got my all grain set up and a barley crusher.
  9. brehuh

    USB Temperature monitor

    Maybe this is not the right place to ask, but I think this is the best place to ask. I am looking of a USB probe thermometer that i could set up at a location and look at the recordings from another computer. I want to do this b/c i need a place to leave my fermenters and it looks like my dads...
  10. brehuh

    FS: German Slider

    This has never been used. I'm asking $45 plus shipping.
  11. brehuh

    Pale Ale and French Onion Soup

    I am making French onion soup and using Alton Brown's recipe: 5 sweet onions (like Vidalias) or a combination of sweet and red onions (about 4 pounds) 3 tablespoons butter 1 teaspoon salt 2 cups white wine 10 ounces canned beef consume 10 ounces chicken broth 10 ounces apple cider...
  12. brehuh

    Order not shipped

    How long do you guys wait before contacting a company asking when your order will be shipped? It's been a week, this is the longest I have had to wait, especially with this company, they are always quick. I ordered two kits and some random things. So, should I give them more time or give them a...
  13. brehuh

    Keg conversion

    I guess I am not going to do this myself, but I am going to have my 1/2 barrel kegs converted into keggles. I am not very handy, aside from building computers, I just built a stir plate and I think that is the extent of my capability. So I am having a guy covert my kegs for me. I am wondering if...
  14. brehuh

    Bottling - Priming Sugar

    It is the first time I am bottling beer with my friend. I normally keg so I don't worry about priming sugar. It's been over an hour since I added the priming sugar to the bottling bucket and the beer to that. What I am concerned about is there going to be enough sugar to carb the beer? Do you...
  15. brehuh

    Keg Most bottle a few

    Hey everyone, I am getting back into brewing and I have a question. Is there anyway I can bottle a six pack of my homebrew and keep the rest in a keg. Is there a liquid priming sugar product that you only have to use a drop or two in the bottle then fill up the bottle with beer? I have some...
  16. brehuh

    Pin lock keg help

    I got 2 coke kegs off of CL last week and they have not been used in years (~8), the guy told me. I was trying to get the posts off one of them and they wouldn't move. I was using a wrench which is a little tricky with the pins. My friend gave it a go and broke one of the pins off the liquid...
  17. brehuh

    Full boil or 3 gallon

    I recently got a 8 gallon Polarware SS pot off of CL, so now i can do full boils. I am brewing a Newcastle clone from MHS, extract with specialty grains. Should I go with ~6 gallon boil, instead of the 3 gallon that the kit calls for. The main thing I am concerned about is cooling the wort, I...