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  1. 2005STi

    Zombie Dust BJCP

    Easy decision, enter it in both.
  2. 2005STi

    WLP 400 Belgian Wit

    If you end up replacing the yeast I'd go with Wyeast 3944. That yeast is awesome and gives you the yeast profile of Allagash White
  3. 2005STi

    Things are getting interesting, BB Icemaster Max 2....

    Tell me why to choose fly sparging, as a homebrewer, over batch sparging. On a regular setup, no grainfather/all in one set ups. I honestly think batch sparging is looked as an inferior method.
  4. 2005STi

    Things are getting interesting, BB Icemaster Max 2....

    This is my experience and setup as well. I'm not sure homebrewers always think why pro brewers do certain things. It's because the volume and scale of what they do requires it. Plate chillers, conicals, glycol, etc. Yeah some are more efficient but at what pricetag? Like batch sparging. Fly...
  5. 2005STi

    Things are getting interesting, BB Icemaster Max 2....

    Can someone explain the 'recent' upswing in homebrewers using gylcol. I took a break from geeking out on brewing for a couple years and now it's commonplace to use glycol in systems at home. Why? What wasn't quite cutting it? Do you think the precision ferm temp from being jacketed is worth it?
  6. 2005STi

    In the market for a new fermenter

    Lol what? How is temp controlling a conical or corny any different. I ferment in a small dorm fridge with a heat wrap and an inkbird controller. It’d be the same with a conical.
  7. 2005STi

    In the market for a new fermenter

    I still can't understand the fascination with conicals for homebrewing. But I can harvest the yeast! Someone said it's the aspect ratio is PERFECT for fermenting! 1) Yeah now you have 3x as much stuff to clean and sanitize 2) You must be careful keeping the yeast clean/sanitary when...
  8. 2005STi

    End of the world supply

    We're back to brewing with acorns and whatever crap you can covert
  9. 2005STi

    End of the world supply

    co2 running out is my biggest concern
  10. 2005STi

    Inline Oxygen Kit vs Oxygen Wand

    In line - makes sense for commercial breweries for efficiency homebrewers - pointless waste of time and money. Use a wand for 60 seconds and you’re done.
  11. 2005STi

    In the market for a new fermenter

    Why not use corny kegs?
  12. 2005STi

    Best way to dry hop.

    Just toss them in loose. Any more in depth and you're overdoing it. I'm sure many people will advocate the muslin bag but I don't feel comfortable exposing my post ferment beer to something that cannot be positively sanitized. I guess you can boil the muslin bag for a minute or two prior but...
  13. 2005STi

    Allagash white clone

    I can't say what Allagash uses in their grist. I can just say that my recipe yielded a similar end product. I think the yeast character and additions of coriander and orange that give the witbier it's character. Not as much the exact grain bill which is rather on the light side. And I did use...
  14. 2005STi

    have you tried fermenting and serving from the same keg without transferring?

    I’ve only done this method for one batch but I’m never going back. The resultant hop flavor and aroma is way better than I’ve ever achieved before and I used a relatively low amount of hops. Being able to reach in and hand clean the fermenter not to mention it’s stainless, is a big plus. The...
  15. 2005STi

    Allagash white clone

    I have made this witbier about 6 times that is dead on Allagash White. My wife and I actually did a blind taste test and picked my beer as the one we thought was Allagash White (i.e. we presumed we'd like pick the Allagash as the best one). They were incredibly similar. This same recipe with...
  16. 2005STi

    What is your “flagship” beer?

    HopHands clone 7lbs 2 row 3 lbs oats 1/2 lb honey malt Mash 152. OG 1.054 1/2 oz each citra/mosaic/centennial @5min 1/2 oz each citra/mosaic/centennial @0min London Ale 3 ferment @66F for 4 days and raise 1 deg/day until 1.012 FG Dry Hop @ day 5 or <1.016 1oz centennial 1oz citra 2oz mosaic
  17. 2005STi

    Best Water profilefor a juicy ipa ?

    Just remember the minerals in the extract manufacturers water is still in the extract. I’d use distilled water if I was still brewing with extract as to not ‘double up’ on minerals.
  18. 2005STi

    Sanitize Dry Hops?

    You are overthinking it. There haven't been any things found in dried hops to date that will spoil beer.
  19. 2005STi

    Beer tastes earthy

    UPDATE - I dry hopped at 1.020 on day 4 (3.5 ounces 2.5 Simcoe, 1 Summit). On day 7 I dropped the temp on my fridge from a d-rest of 72 down to fridge temp of 40deg. I also hooked up the co2 and set it to 10psi. It probably took 36 hours to get down as it's just a dorm fridge with the freezer...