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  1. brown_dog_us

    Morebeer sale on LME - $1.84 per pound

    I just ordered some liquid malt extract from Morebeer and they are having a sale this week for LME: Brewing Stimulus Act | MoreBeer I ordered a few 8lb packages so I would be over $60 and get the free shipping. It averaged $1.84 per pound! btw, don't expect quick shipments during a...
  2. brown_dog_us

    Beersmith ingredients list

    Is there a way we could create a file full of more/new ingredients for beersmith and download and then import it into beersmith? Almost like an update.
  3. brown_dog_us

    Boil time with Munich malt

    I'm brewing a partial mash American IPA (right now) and I have 2lbs. of Munich malt in the mash. The post boil gravity will be 1.069. Do I need to go with a 90 min boil? I just realized I've never used that much Munich. Thanks in advance..
  4. brown_dog_us

    30 gal grain bag

    I found a 30 gallon paint straining bag similar to the 5 gal ones I get at HD. I was wondering if anyone had used one to "brew in a bag" like the Aussie fellow. Here is a link: EZ Strainer Paint Strainers