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  1. szac

    Simple UI automated BIAB - Node-RED, RFM12, Arduino

    I've been converting my two vessel rig in to a smaller, stovetop BIAB setup and brewed my first batch on it yesterday. It's still a work in progress, but here's where I'm at so far: Brew day is essentially pressing the button on the control panel to start. Then it'll run through all steps...
  2. szac

    1/2 barrels, mash tun, 4lb C02 tank, corny keg MI

    Items for sale in Madison Heights. No longer local pick up only. Will ship within the US. Buyer pays shipping fee. Going to a one vessel setup. Cheers! Homebrew stuff -------------------------------------------- (1) 10g Igloo Mash Tun with ball valve and new SS braid* - $60 (1) 4lb C02 tank -...
  3. szac

    Low Profile Water Heater as a HLT/BK?

    Any reason why I couldn't just remove the top from this and brew? Probably add a 2000w low density element, switch out the bulkhead, etc. Whirlpool 20-Gallon Low-Profile Electric Water Heater Specs: Water Heater Style: Low Profile Tank Capacity (Gallons): 20.0 Family Size: 2...
  4. szac

    overshot my efficiency by 18 points - How do I calculate top off dilution?

    My grain bill was calculated on my normal, shi**y 60%, but I got 78. It was a 3 gallon batch, so now I trying to figure out my ABV if I top off to 4 gallons. I just want to make sure it's not gonna put me lower than 4% I tried a couple of searches, but this one is about an hour from making it...
  5. szac

    First AG - Trying to make sense of the numbers

    First off thanks for all the great info in this forum! I'm trying to figure out my mash efficiency and why my OG was so off The numbers: I'm going for a Sierra clone for a session Holiday party ---- Yield: 5 gallons 10 lbs of 2 Row .5 lbs of Crystal 10L .5 lbs of CaraPils First...