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  1. kyleslattery

    How to attach wort chiller to all in one faucet?

    Hi all, I have a faucet that doubles as a sprayer, and I'm trying to figure out a way to connect it to my wort chiller, which has garden hose fittings. Here's what the faucet looks like: I'm able to remove the faucet head pretty easily, so my hope is I can rig something up to...
  2. kyleslattery

    Ok to put hops in storage for a month?

    I'm moving out and, since I don't have a new apartment yet, a lot of my stuff is going to be in storage for about a month. I have several pounds of hops in the freezer, all vacuum sealed—do you think it will be alright if they're put in my storage container? It'll be dark, and they're sealed, so...
  3. kyleslattery

    All-Grain Homebrew Equipment

    I'm moving to a smaller place, so I have to sell some of my homebrew equipment. Since most of this is large, I'd much prefer local pickup. I'm in Bethlehem, PA. Everything's been sold, thanks everyone! 10 gallon cooler mashtun, SOLD Bayou Classic SQ14 Propane Burner, SOLD 2x 5 gallon Better...
  4. kyleslattery

    Complete 4 tap, 6 keg system (Bethlehem, PA)

    EVERYTHING HAS BEEN SOLD, NO LONGER AVAILABLE Due to an upcoming move, I have to get rid of my kegging setup, here's what I've got: - 8.8 cu ft. chest freezer, fits 4 kegs + CO2 tank on the floor. - 6 pin lock kegs - Complete 4 picnic tap setup from KegConnection w/ dual body Taprite...
  5. kyleslattery

    Worth brewing a sour ale, if I'm moving in 4 months?

    So, I've recently really gotten into sour beers, and I'd like to brew a couple, however, I'm almost certainly going to be moving in 4 months, so they'd have to be disturbed before they've been properly aged. From reading around, it seems like I'd definitely be able to move them without...
  6. kyleslattery

    Accidentally melted bucket lid, anything to worry about?

    So, the reptile bulb I have warming my fermentation chamber fell onto my fermentor, resulting in this: From what I can tell, little, if any, melted plastic actually contacted the beer. Do I have anything to worry about?
  7. kyleslattery

    When can flameout hop additions be removed?

    Ok, so this last weekend I brewed an IPA, and the recipe had me add hops at 10, 5, and 0 minutes. I was using a paint strainer bag for the first time to hold the hops, and it got me wondering—when should I be removing the hops? I also added my remaining LME at the end of the boil, and I took...
  8. kyleslattery

    Recipe only calls for 0.5lb of extract, how to minimize waste?

    Hey all, I'd like to make the "Hoppiness is an IPA" recipe from Brewing Classic Styles, and the extract recipe calls for 9.75lb Light LME and 0.5lb of Munich LME. But, the smallest size I can buy Munich LME in is 3.3lb, and from what I've read, you can't really save unused LME once you open...
  9. kyleslattery

    Gluten Free Beer from Dogfish Head

    I'm not allergic to gluten, but I know a bunch of people who are, and they'll be pretty psyched about this: You asked for it ... | Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales I've tried a few commercial GF beers and have been pretty disappointed, hopefully DFH gets it right!