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  1. deere322

    Grandma's liquid apple pie

    It's been sitting in the secondary since February. Haven't tasted it since and it was good but a tad too hot. Plan is to bottle soon.
  2. deere322

    English Ales - What's your favorite recipe?

    I haven't tried these yet but most likely will. That was my thought exactly. I too have made homemade invert via the stove method and always wondered if it was the real deal or not. I'll buy some Invert 1 and brew SUABP 1954 Gold Label for the second time just to try it out. Great beer it was.
  3. deere322

    English Ales - What's your favorite recipe?

    FYI in case you didn't know.........
  4. deere322

    Quarantine beer names

    I'll be brewing a Czech Dark Lager soon and will name it The Great Awakening.
  5. deere322

    guidance needed for smoker recommendations

    I have a cookshack and love it. Well worth the investment. I did have a smokey hollow electric similar to the Master built and it sucked as*. Never held a consistent temp and the range from on to off was 25+ degrees.
  6. deere322

    What are you listening to (music!!!) right now? Embarrassing or not... share

    She had a snake for a pet And an amulet And she was breeding a dwarf But she wasn't done yet She had gray-green skin A doll with a pin I told her she was awright But I couldnt come in Great tune
  7. deere322

    Grandma's liquid apple pie

    This recipe sounded good, so why not!
  8. deere322

    New post a picture of your pint

    1914 Courage Imperial
  9. deere322

    What are you drinking now?

    HB 1913 Adnams XX Keg conditioned
  10. deere322

    Schwarzbier recipe help I brewed this and it was awesome for such a simple recipe.
  11. deere322

    Random Picture Thread

    I think we got ourselves a new brewery!!
  12. deere322

    Random Picture Thread

    I understand...time for me to change out my gas valve.
  13. deere322

    Imperial A10 Darkness

    Interestingly enough, I brewed the 1914 Courage RIS with A10 recently and have 4 pint yeast slurries and am thinking about doing a bitter this weekend with one of the pints. This left me wondering what the A10 would do on a bitter. Regardless I'll give it a go and see what happens.
  14. deere322

    Imperial A10 Darkness

    Curious, what is A10's origin? For example - WY1469 is said to be Timothy Taylor. nevermind -
  15. deere322

    Where to go in Milwaukee

    I've visited a few times and always enjoyed the Old German Beer Hall downtown. Hofbrau beers and Usinger can't go wrong.
  16. deere322

    So who's brewing this weekend?

    1914 Courage Imperial on Saturday.
  17. deere322

    English Ales - What's your favorite recipe?

    For me, I get marmalade from Sam Smith’s Winter Welcome.